When I wrote my initial post about meeting Ojitos, I didn’t intend to make it a series. However, I got a great response and decided to keep telling the story and answering the questions as they popped up in the comments. I also didn’t realized that most readers would assume I was telling the story in the present or that others would investigate* a little and realize the opposite.

The story of meeting Ojitos and getting to know him is not happening in the present. I won’t reveal when it all happened, until I figure some things out.

* If you do some investigative work (all you need to do is go the archives), you can probably figure out what happens… but do you really want to skip to the end and miss the story?


11 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Ah. Interesting. I was one of the people who didn’t realize these events already took place. I’ll stay away from the archives and read at your pace, I think. But it is good to know that things already happened .. my comments won’t seem so silly then.

  2. Gustavo pointed out that this was all past events. I’m not going to dig in the archives, however, because I like this story.

  3. Gustavo Arellano says:

    I just noticed discrepancies in times, is all. But I have no clue how this will end–próximo capítulo, maestra!

  4. i was enjoying everybody else enjoying it.. i’m mad at gustavo for coming out and saying it. but keep going! it’s like a bloganovela.

  5. mad mexican says:

    Pobre Ojitos, I’m sure he did want to blogalized. Are we going to read what a pendejo, baboso, menso, cabron if things change? Stayed tuned folks the telenovela continues. This has the making of a good telenovela, the well educated senorita with a PHD (y papeles), being courted by the pobre Mexican looking for his green card.

  6. i hope we don’t demonize the character of Ojitos. But then again, with that nickname .. and given your facebook relationship status…i can’t imagine this having a Disney ending!

    Revisionist history be damned. On with the cuento…

  7. Pea,
    Silly comments are welcome.

    Well at least I haven’t bored you.

    That Gustavo… ruined it for the rest of you all.

    Yup, I thought there might be some clues in there.

    I’m working on the next chapters…

    At least some people can keep their mouth shut 😀

    Will do.

    Glad you like it. Hope you’re not jealous.

    Mad Mexican,
    I don’t have a PhD and he doesn’t need his papeles. And who’s to say he is poor and Mexican?

    If I had the opportunity or reason to demonize him, I wouldn’t. It’s just not cool, you know?

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