Rockstars have videos

I remember the feeling I had on January 3rd. I had just left the Murakami exhibit at MOCA and was on my way back to my apartment. The first thing I did when I got to my car was turning on the radio to hear the news from the Iowa caucuses.

NPR was reporting the news that Obama had won. I yelled in my car. It was the first time that I yelled out in happiness. I usually scream in frustration and anger. But no, this yell was happy. And I found myself choked up and crying a little.

It was strange. I didn’t even know I liked Obama that much.

I got that same sense watching this video Friday night. It was right after I’d read the news about La Opinión endorsing Obama. It gave me chills.

I hope Super Tuesday is like the Super Bowl and goes to the underdog.


6 thoughts on “Rockstars have videos

  1. Lo says:

    I enjoyed catching up on some of your previous posts and agree my initial vote was in favor of Edwards and his working class, nearly socialist agenda.

    With him out of the race and the prospects of a stronger woman candidate in the near future rather dim- my vote is going for Clinton. Not by default but also thinking about the women in South America that are leading their countries and how now they could form a voice in informing global politics. It would make for an unprecedented alliance.

    If Clinton were nominated I think there would still be room on her ballot for Obama as her VP. Then if all went well that could potentially be 16 years of democratic leadership. What I am wondering is when we are going to see the first Chicana/o candidate on the ballot?

  2. i have a feeling i’m gonna cry tomorrow morning one way or the other.

    hopefully it is from happiness.

    and yeah, the first 30 seconds or so of that video are really moving.

    i wonder if we’ll ever feel like this for a presidential candidate again.

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