Hot dog!

“I’ve never had a bacon-wrapped hot dog.”

My friend almost choked, even though he wasn’t eating anything at the time. He coughed and gasped for air.

“What?!” he finally exclaimed.

His reaction was as incredulous as Diego’s and everyone else’s in the comments to my Obama town hall recap.

Yes, I’ve lived in LA [county, Hacienda Heights isn’t in the city] my entire life and never had the desire to eat a danger dog or Salvi Dog or TJ Dog or Club Dog.

I remember my introduction to the bacon-wrapped hot dog: July 5, 1994.

I was 13 years old and caught up in World Cup fever. Mexico and Bulgaria were playing in the round of 16. I’d gone over to my friend Star’s house in Walnut to watch the game with her family. Her mom, Angelita, and tías were in the kitchen working on lunch while everyone else watched the game in suspense.

Star has the honor of being the first and only person to ever offer me a bacon-wrapped hot dog.

I looked at it like I look at cauliflower, with pure disdain and disgust.

“You’ve never had one of these?” Star asked incredulously?


“Don’t you want to try one?” her sister, Miriam, chimed in.

“Nope. That just looks weird. I like my hot dogs plain. Just a little ketchup, mayo and maybe mustard.”

They shrugged their shoulders and asked their mom for a bacon-less weenie. I enjoyed my plain hot dog and chalked up the difference in hot dog preference to the girls’ Guadalajara origins.

Mexico and Bulgaria tied with one goal each. Bulgaria later won the game in penales. It was excruciating.

The events of that day have been repeated several times since. Every time Mexico loses in the Mundial or loses to the US I feel as crappy as I did 13 years ago. And every time I see a bacon-wrapped hot dog, I scrunch my nose and give it the cara de fuchi.

Simply put, no se me antojan.


19 thoughts on “Hot dog!

  1. ew, cindy.. i’ve never heard of this whole bacon phenomenon, but you’re telling me you put *mayo* on hot dogs?

    *wrinkles nose*

  2. People keep trying to take me to Pink’s and I don’t see the point. Like you I only like ketchup and a little mayo. From the photos I’ve seen of the Pink’s hot dogs I’d be picking things off left and right.

  3. Gustavo Arellano says:

    Bacon-wrapped hot dogs (also known as Sonora dogs) are one of the world’s great meals. FOR SHAME, CINDY! FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’ve found that ketchup kills the taste of the hot dog, hence I don’t apply it. I prefer them plain.

    As Gustavo said, for shame. [shakes head]

  5. Momo says:

    Since I first started noticing the bacon-wrapped hot dogs on the street after a long night of drunken dancing at the White Lotus (years ago), my friend and I call them Hollywood Hot Dogs (way better than Pink’s). They really hit the spot after a heavy night of partying–that or Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles… mmm.

  6. Sarita says:

    You know, Cindy, I hear you. Tampoco se me antojaban…I mean, there are plenty of pig parts in hot dogs, you don’t really need to put MORE pig parts on top. Plus, if I’m going to eat bacon it should be crunchy, not all limp like it usually is on danger dogs. That being said, I tried one only to be able to say, “I don’t like it and YES I tried it,” and I LOVED them. Loved them enough to make the for a 4th of july bbq. They should be called MAGIC dogs, because they ARE gross, yet delicious.

  7. Super A (the grocery store) actually sells bacon-wrapped hot dogs, waiting to be grilled, for your next party or whatever. I love it!! So LA>

    I always opt for ketchup and mustard too and then I came to the East Coast where people only eat hot dogs with mustard and saurkraut (sp). Wieeeerd!

  8. Hey! I thought I made up that kind of Hot Dog!
    For real, the other day I was making Hot Dogs and decided to put some bacon amongst other things….

  9. mooch16 says:

    a mi si se me antojan. They smell so good. But alas, I have not tried them. I just don’t know how sanitary those carts are… don’t get me wrong, though, i’ll eat tacos of the roach coach any time. Makes no sense, but that’s me.

  10. Veronica says:

    My mom is from Mexicali and there are hot dog stands EVERYWHERE in that city,.,. and guess what?? all of them are served with bacon..and they are HEAVEN!!!! I’m a big beef eater so it makes scense that I love these but OMG… they are the best thing ever…everytime I go I HAVE TO HAVE joke.

  11. Bacon wrapped Hot Dogs are the best! que onda con tigo Cindy? you need to try one at least half of one. I first tried them when I was 11 in TJ…I was hooked. When we have cookouts we make them on the grill.

    If I eat a plain hot dog, I just smother it con mustard.

  12. Mmmm, the only thing better than a bacon-wrapped hot dog is a bacon-wrapped chuzo. I could never be a Jew or Muslim or vegetarian.

  13. Speaking of bacon-wrapped hot dogs, you should check out this recent video, apparently there is a movement in LA to ban their sales.

    The video is a perfect illustration of the standard argument against regulations: reduces consumers choices, benefits the well-off and established sellers, and harms competition. All, of course, in the name of saving the consumer from himself…government paternalism at its finest.

  14. I live in Tucson AZ
    We call these Mexican Hotdogs.
    These caretas are everywhere!
    You can eat them with just beans and ketchup.
    Its yummy. My mom makes these for all my birthdays.


    try one you could fall in love

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