“I probably won’t get to celebrate too many of these types of Masses,” noted Padre Roberto at the beginning of the Mass. Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni had just walked down half of the aisle in the small Huntington Park church. The church was filled with their family, a mix of generations. Even the priest was family. Padre Roberto is their nephew and ahijado (godson).

He’s right. How many couples get to celebrate 65 years of marriage?

My grandparents (and all their family by extension) are blessed. And we know it.

The ceremony was lovely. Padre Roberto spoke about the metaphorical wine in one’s marriage and the need to keep it replenished. Then Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni renewed their vows with the blessings of their children.

Following the Mass, we headed to La Verne for the reception for tacos and dancing and lots of pictures.


9 thoughts on “Sixtyfive

  1. Wow! 65 years!
    My parents have been married for 34 years and that seemed like a long time. You are certainly lucky to see such wonderful things, to live such wonderful celebrations. Let’s hope any one of us can even last half that long with our loved ones.

  2. These life-long weddings always put age into perspective to me. There’s no way you can feel old if someone has been married longer than you’ve been born.

  3. 65? What a blessing!

    By the way, I was surprised to see LaVerne show up as the place where you celebrated. I have family in La Verne but it seems like no one knows where La Verne is. I guess you and your family do!!!

  4. I must send mis felicitaciones on 65 years! Quite the feat.

    I recognize that church; it’s a very nice church. My mariachi back in SG performed at that church once for a quince. It wasn’t that good of a mass because the priest (who was from another parish) gave a fire and brimstone sermon at the quince.

  5. Julissa says:

    That rocks! Wishing them many more years together. Your Papá Chepe has not changed!!! What moisturizer does he use 😉

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