Star Sapphire Anniversary

On January 30, 1943, José Ureño and Antonia Saldivar got married.

In case you haven’t done the math, that was 65 years ago (minus a few days)!

My family is getting together today to celebrate the Star Sapphire or 65th anniversary (source). I hope it’s as memorable as the celebrations for the 50th (golden) and 60th (diamond) anniversaries.

50th Wedding Anniversary

For Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni’s 50th anniversary in 1993, the whole family got all dressed up as if we were part of wedding party. I don’t remember too much about the ceremony or the party except that Ernie (my cousin) and I read the first and second readings in Mass and there was a big party with a tamborazo and birria afterward.

The celebration for the 60th anniversary in 2003 was much smaller. We had a small Mass to celebrate the milestone at my family’s home and had the party there too. The family was much bigger by this point (about 80 people counting all the inlaws and great-grandkids).


3 thoughts on “Star Sapphire Anniversary

  1. tremaine says:

    my goodness! that is truly a blessing. and, they still look so very happy. this is beautiful, cindy.

  2. Maybe it’s cuz i’m a guy, but I didn’t even know there were names for the amount of years one has been together with their loved ones. lol…

    But….. it’s nice to see an entire family celebrate the longevity of love your abuelitos have endured.

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