On types

A few months ago a friend pointed out something that I had yet to notice.

I have a type.

Yes, type as in a set of characteristics I’m commonly attracted to in men.

He started listing the characteristics. Physically, they were all a little below average height (but still taller than me), had darker skin and had goatees. He didn’t even bring up the non-physical attributes, but if he had, they would’ve provided additional evidence for his thesis.

I tried to argue.

I don’t think I have a type. I just like Chicanos, and lots of them are not that tall, morenos and have goatees.

Oh well.


25 thoughts on “On types

  1. chidolitis says:

    I bet you they also have thick rimmed glasses too! Or is that just a plus for you? By the way, feliz año!

  2. Regardless of race, I’m more attracted to men with a nice smile, full lips, clear skin, and friendly eyes. Goatees and brown skin are just gravy on that. 🙂 As an old married woman, I’ve discovered that men who have many of the same qualities that my husband possesses…those are the men I find attractive. And yet, my man doesn’t believe me when I say it. “You’re just saying that…” But it’s true. I think it’s a huge compliment, really. Any attractive qualities in a man I can trace back to my husband. It’s like he has shaped what my mind finds attractive.

  3. my friends told me about my type a few years ago too. and now i’ve come to be okay with having a type–even if i don’t always stick to it. funny, it’s kinda the same as yours!

  4. Veronica says:

    I have a type too..tall dark and handsome…lol I have always liked men with lighter skin but with BLACK shinny hair. The goatee is a must! Attitude wise I always attracted the bad boys…dont know why? I’m a good girl..honest. My hubby might tell you something different though.

  5. lo says:

    a lady never tells…

    safe to say while in LA it was all about
    the DJ
    the Producer
    the Drummer
    all Chicano of course

    The jury is still out on San Francisco men 😉

  6. Ha, I can’t wait to search through your DiaryLand blog and find the post where you say that, for whatever reason, you’re not really into Chicano/Mexican men. Oh how things have changed.

  7. I usually date the women that intimidate most men.

    Smart. Witty. With a socio/political/cultural conscience. Spiritual. Intense.

    Brown or Cafe con Leche.

    I’ve been very lucky and believe I’ve been with Aztlan’s finest chingonas.

    No Blondes, NEVER a dyed blonde.

  8. jr. says:

    Opposable thumbs on a woman (NOT opposable thumbs IN a woman, as I originally wrote; good thing I proofread.) That’s a really important quality.

    I would be intimidated by a woman with a socio/political/cultural conscience. What is that? Is that contagious? Sounds like herpes, only worse.

    Would any man REALLY have a no blondes policy? Would any man say no to say Victoria Silvstedt?

    And where is Aztlan anyway? I can’t seem to find it on Google maps. Is that anywhere near the corner of Whittier Blvd. and Atlantic Ave.? Is it near Atlantis? Probably as nonexistent as well. But it is a shame. I wouldn’t have been interested in Aztlan’s finest chingonas but I would have like to have known about Aztlan’s finest nalgonas.

  9. Jr and Hispanic P seem to be one in the same.

    Real men date real women.

    No insecure ones that feel they need to look like their Barbie doll.

    As far a Aztlan, its better you don’t know, you’d get kicked out anyways

  10. Chidolitis,
    Nope. Most of the guys I’ve dated didn’t wear glasses. One guy even had better than perfect vision. I do like glasses.

    Um… the 3 f’s are not for me.

    Chicana Skies,
    I have a pair of socks decorated with gingerbread men. I say that the socks suit me well because I like brown men.

    Aw, this made me smile.

    I don’t always stick to it either, but the recent guys fit this profile which is why my friend voiced this observation.

    See, the tall part of dark and handsome is usually what eludes me. There just aren’t too many tall Chicanos.

    Wait, did you ever date P3000? He’s a DJ… hehe.

    I forgot to include: LIBERAL! Very liberal.

    You mean this entry? Things sure have changed in the matter of a couple of years. I will admit, that in recent years, I’ve dated about the same number of half Mexican guys as full Mexican guys. All of them had goatees, weren’t too tall and were morenos… I think my friend has a point.

    Smarty, witty and conscientious chingonas need love too! Not that I’d know or anything. Have you ever dated women with blonde streaks?

    Actually, Jr and HP are different people. I prefer HP. He talks a lot of shit in the comments, but I know where he’s coming from. I may not agree at all with his viewpoints on LOTS of things, but I’ve known him long enough to understand. On the other hand, Jr is just annoying.

    Dude, I thought you were 31, not 12.

    I didn’t mention distinctive hair! 😉

    At least you got an excuse to look at the surface stuff.

  11. a type? i’m married now, but its safe to say i never really had one. they ran the spectrum: tall/short, feo/bonito, flaquito/gordito, guerito/morenito but always latino. maybe an outside observer can point out some obvious traits. i know this might sound weird but i think it boiled down to smell–not cologne–completely phermones. a guy who had a good smell…ah yes and nice teeth.

  12. jr says:

    Discors concordia – Ovid, “Metamorphoses”

    I’m annoying. Darn. I thought I was being flippant, facetious, maybe even humorous. My bad.

    Apparently, I should take myself VERY SERIOUSLY. Because if there’s one thing in life you should do is take yourself VERY SERIOUSLY.

    But that’s okay. Everyone is es-pecial and we all have our different points of view: we should embrace that. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Chicanos is that you should embrace diversity; it should be celebrated. Unless, of course, your point of view differs from mine. Then, you’re just EVIL and probably a dick.

    I shant bother this website anymore. No use hanging around where you’re not wanted. If only for a moment I wanted to bask in the glow that is Chicano Power. It burns! It burns! I’ve been kicked out of finer establishments than this. Besides hearing you whine about completing your dissertation is a bit grating. Just do the damn already. Enough with the bellyaching.

    But keep the revolution going. I can’t wait to see the day Corky Gonzalez graces the new one dollar bill.

    As for Pee-3000, I think I know where you got the 3000. On the dumbness scale from 1 to 10, that’s what you got. And the P is for pretentious. Your first post reads like one of those ridiculous personal ads on Craigslist.

    Seriously, do woman fall for that line? If it gets you laid, more power to you, man.

    You’re a REAL MAN. Ewwwww. I’m worried now.

    As for Azltan, it’s probably lamer than Boyle Heights, so why would I want to go there?

    I’m glad they linked your blog, though. Your posts are a riot. Hacknyed and full of shit. Keep it up. I love reading it.

  13. Irasali,
    The last guy I dated always smelled like sunblock lotion. My roommate thought it was weird, I loved it.

    I don’t think I actually found you annoying until you started attacking my friend (HP) and my favorite band (Cafe Tacuba). I don’t mind different points of view, but I think it’s different when I know where that person is coming from and I don’t feel disrespected.

  14. Dude, I can’t believe that entry is almost 3 years old. I’ve already got gray hairs in the goatee. How’s your cana situation going? Next year surely it’s back aches.

  15. first off, bwahaha @ HP, he freakin’ trips me out!

    second. . i think as i’ve grown older, my type changes a lot. i’m not picky on the race or color to say in the least, I’m attracted to someone that can hold a conversation, can laugh at himself, can stand his ground, knows what he wants in life, takes pride in family, but most importantly has his priorities in gear. I tend to be attracted to older guys now. I’ll be honest though, when he’s a Mavs and Cowboys fan, that’s a freakin plus! I try not hold on to a checklist of musts b/c i’ve come to learn in life that you sometimes end up with the person u least expected.

    Life’s funny that way, always filled with surprises!

  16. Oso,
    I get more and more every year. I sorta have a silver streak. Natural highlights?

    I think my roommate and I once tried to come up with lists. We had essentials and things that were nice, but not essential. I have no idea what happened to that list. Still, I know things change, especially as I’ve dated more and realized that somethings are not as great as I thought they’d be, while other things are much more necessary. As for the older guys, I don’t think I can go too much past the early 30s at this point.

  17. Wow, for someone to confuse my writing style with that of Jr is a real compliment and means my writing has significantly improved! Thanks P-3000!

    But no, I am not Jr in case anybody was seriously interested (well, that is not completely true, since I have the same name as my father, at home, my family does call me Jr, but I digress). Jr, unlike myself, has clearly not been the victim of California’s ESL education system, the results of which, I am still trying to remedy.

    Btw, don’t be so sensitive Jr, I am sure Cindylu “was being flippant, facetious, maybe even humorous” in her response. Who knows though, I know I have more than my fair share of annoyances and maybe she can only take one annoying blogger? 🙂

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