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Moving the Goal Posts

In 2018, one of my goals was to get more local. I wrote it down in my bullet journal and even drew a cute little waterfall to illustrate what I meant. At that point, I had been living in Ithaca for 2.5 years and still adjusting to the area. By being more local, I wanted to commit to my current home and community and not just long for LA. Instead of embracing winter and getting more involved at church, I went to LA four times. No regrets.

I looked back on this goal a few weeks ago when Sean and I took the kids to a local ski resort for their school’s ski and snowboard club. For a discounted rate, kids in K-12 schools can sign up for a six-week pass. They get two weeks of lessons and can ski one afternoon a week. I had never signed up Xavi because it’s in the middle of the week and working around our schedules was tough with two kids at different day cares/after school program sites. Also, I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding and had little knowledge of the mechanics.

Things have changed since fall 2018. Due to the pandemic, both Sean and I have a more flexible work schedule. Both kids attend the same school and after-school program. We have the funds to commit to a pricey activity. I’m more adjusted to the weather and enjoy playing in the snow with the kids. I don’t love winter, but can appreciate the breathtaking winter wonderland views.

In the fall the PTA sent out info on signing up. Sean and I talked it over to see if we could adjust our Wednesday afternoon schedules. We asked the kids if they were interested and which sport they’d prefer. They both chose skiing. I added ski club as an “experience” gift to the Christmas list we share with the grandparents and siblings. My brother Adrian and his wife, Alexis, pitched in. Then I covered my eyes as I paid and prayed they wouldn’t hate it because winter sports are not cheap. (Aside: I thought that by limiting toys as Christmas presents and focusing on experiences we’d be saving money. Joke’s on me!)

Two children on skis dressed for the sport in snow pants, jackets, buffs, and goggles.

The kids are halfway through their ski club and both are getting the hang of the basics thanks to the patient and knowledgeable instructors. It’s been really cool to see them learn. I may even be inspired to sign-up for lessons myself.


One thought on “Moving the Goal Posts

  1. Double-O Eff says:

    Embracing local, especially in Ithaca is such a big step.

    Oddly enough, I’ve been finding myself repeat to many people how I’ve only now (6 years later) come to embrace living in Santa Barbara and enjoying it. I think it was difficult for me to do it here because I had already spent so much time embracing and loving Ithaca. (Ridiculous cost of living doesn’t do SB any favors.)

    Cheers to locals!

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