Don’t call it a comeback

Winter piñata

Late 2017 I got the reminders to renew my domain registration. I didn’t do it. I couldn’t justify spending the money when I wasn’t doing any blogging. In 2017 I wrote less than 10 posts and they were all in June and July when I made a concerted effort to blog thanks to a challenge from some of the veteran bloggers I’ve come to befriend over the years.

So I let it lapse. I didn’t pay. I lost the domain name I had used since 2005 and removed the link from my social media handles. Occasionally I’d get questions and explain why I just went away.

But I missed what my blog represented. It wasn’t just about writing newer thoughts, but the archive represented the majority of my adult life. I could point to so many momentous occasions and go back to find the words and photos that I wrote to share that experience. I sometimes went in to the Wayback Machine and checked the posts that hadn’t disappeared in Feedly. I could still find everything with a little bit of work.

On a whim, I decided to import 8 years of posts. I forgot I still had access to a free WordPress site. It’s the one I set up in 2006 when I got hacked and ended up moving hosts. Once again, it’s here for me to share and go back to what I’ve loved.

There are tons of bad links and picture files that won’t load. I’ll try and fix those with time. But for now, I’m back. I guess I still have something to say.


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