The agony of defeat

Xavi isn’t even a year old and he’s already witnessed heartbreaking losses by Mexico in the World Cup, the Dodgers and “the Knicks’ general existence.” Sean added that last one in. At least the Kings won the Stanley Cup*, but we’re not really hockey fans.

Hopefully by the time he’s old enough to care about sports, his [parents’] favorite teams will get it together. For now, we’ll try to keep the cursing to a minimum and the celebrations not overly loud so they don’t startle him and make him cry.

[*At the expense of the Rangers, Sean’s team. So even if we were hockey fans, it’s only half a win.]


5 thoughts on “The agony of defeat

  1. Well to be fair, the US is still in for now. Neither one of our “home” countries were represented in the World Cup, so I’m pretty sure our kid will root for random countries like its parents. Blows my mind that, if all goes well, we’ll have a 3-year-old when this comes around again.

  2. Alejandro De La Cruz says:

    The Dodgers are winning, Cindy! Also, I totally startled the hell out of Oscar when Gio notched the first goal. It took him a solid five minutes to settle down. Now I know.

  3. maybe this will continue to be routine and therefore not painful, he will become accustomed to the loss, like a mets fan. =( it hurts because i got my hopes up.

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