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Getting some mileage out of the bibs

Written December 26, 2012. Edited Saturday and Tuesday.

People who now know: dad’s side of the family, mom’s side of the family, and several of Sean’s aunts and uncles who were at Christmas dinner.

The reveal: all bibs.

I didn’t feel completely ready to inform the extended family at the Christmas parties, but it really was the best time to tell them in person. It also presented the opportunity to do something creative without being over the top.

Santa! We know him!!!

The first opportunity was the Mosqueda family Christmas party on the 15th. We’ve been doing this Christmas party for the past 5 years or so and it’s a lot of fun. Several of my cousins have young kids and they get super excited about Santa showing up with gifts and hitting the piñata. The adults do a white elephant, sing carols and play other games. It’s good times, and there is always a ton of delicious food.

The party wasn’t much different this year. Santa (cousin Robert played the role this year) showed up with a sack loaded with gifts for the kids — and a few well-behaved adults. Everyone opened their presents when they were with Santa. This was perfect because the last gift was for my parents.

The parents get a gift

“This present is for Charlie and Luz!” Santa called out.

Everyone cheered and my parents posed for a picture with Santa. They then pulled the bibs out of the bag (yes, same bibs Sean and I gave them a few weeks ago). The message was clear and there were lots of cheers, claps and congratulations. There were a couple of jokes too (“Lori?!”, the only other sibling there to point the finger to).

We wanted to to use the bibs again at the Ureño Saldivar family Christmas Eve party, but it didn’t work out so well. First, mom forgot to bring the grandma/grandpa. She improvised with a backup gift from Adrian intended for me and Sean. Second, we were the only people who opened presents with Santa. Third, the gift was a Batman bib (with cape!). It was pretty cool, but I’m not sure it was immediately clear we were holding up a bib.

The Batman bib

Everyone seemed a little confused until Adrian yelled out, “Yes! She’s pregnant, stupids!” The announcement might’ve been fumbled, but at least my aunts, uncles and cousins know.

The final reveal of the Christmas season came during grace with Sean’s extended family. Before Christmas dinner, Eula asked if she could announce the pregnancy during grace (e.g., “and thank you, God, for my grandchild”). We were fine with that. An hour later — and after cooking up several delicious dishes — she said she was too tired to make the announcement then. Sean offered up a present he’d sent and had Junior hide a few weeks ago.

“You can announce with these,” he offered.

Eula and her sisters prepared a huge Christmas dinner and we all gathered around the table for grace. At the end of grace, she picked up a gift bag beside her.

“And I have this gift I was told to open now.”

She opened the bag and pulled out two grandma/grandpa bibs (yes, the same ones we bought my parents). There was no pause to figure it out in this family. Everyone broke out in to immediate cheers as if their team had just won a buzzer beater, scored on a Hail Mary touchdown or Usain Bolt had just won gold in the 100 meters (again). Sean and I were both a little overwhelmed by the reaction. They went to Eula and Kenton to congratulate them before they hugged Sean and me.

He likes his new bib

Kenton put on his bib for dinner. I think he’s excited about becoming a grandfather.


gratuitous wedding shot with The Campbells

This baby will be the first grandchild in both our immediate families. I know Eula and Kenton have had the grandparent itch for a long time (this info came via Sean, they’ve never pressured me…). On my side, my parents haven’t pressured us except for letting me know that Mamá Toni had already knitted four baby blankets. It makes me excited to know that there are many, many people who already love this baby and can’t wait for late July.

Sean has told some of his closest friends and god willing we’ll be doing more reveals in a few weeks.


4 thoughts on “Getting some mileage out of the bibs

  1. Hang on to all those bibs. You will need them. Be on the lookout for the bibs that wraparound with a button on the back. Those are the best.

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