Filling in the backstory

Mid November and Thanksgiving

Best cheese ever

Sean and I joked about being pregnant before we knew for sure. Being a week late, I started looking up foods I should avoid. I complained when I saw Mexican soft cheeses like queso fresco on the list. Good thing I found out there are plenty of pasteurized options for my favorite cheese. [That cheese up there would probably be off limits.]

After Thanksgiving dinner, my cousin Nancy put me on the spot. “When are you and Sean going to make babies? I want some Mariah Carey babies.” Nancy isn’t the first person who has asked about our plans for having kids. We heard it as soon as we got engaged.

Valerie chimed in before I could answer, “Unless she already is…”

I stayed quiet. The “Mariah Carey baby” Nancy asked about might have already been in the works.

The next day I went to the nail salon for a much needed pedicure and eyebrow/upper lip wax. The salon only accepts cash so Sean went to Rite-Aid to buy some items and get cash back. I suggested a home pregnancy test. We needed a definite answer.


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