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Fall, football and family


Happy birthday to my big brother, Danny!

I celebrated my big brother Danny’s birthday on Monday with the other siblings and our significant others. It was a chill dinner with lots of jokes and football talk.

While there we talked about Jenni Rivera’s passing. I wasn’t a fan, but was well aware of her family’s role in the banda scene and knew about her career (both the ups and downs) in music and TV. I do have friends and family members who were very affected by her death and are still grieving. Descanse en paz, Jenni.

Her death also brought up a critique from several Latino journalists about the lack of coverage of Latino artists. Gustavo Arellano’s 2003 profile is one of the few long form pieces in the English language MSM.

The internets were born here

I discovered the birthplace of the interwebs. It’s a short walk from my office.

Platinum wedding anniversary coming up in two months

I’ve worked with my parents, aunts and uncles on planning for Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni’s 70th wedding anniversary. Yes, seventy! The parties are always fun ’cause all my cousins show up and I get to play with their babies. Plus, the grandparents get all cute and affectionate with each other. It’s adorable.

This quiet bridge on campus adjacent to Royce Hall is one of my favorite spots on campus. I love that it feels like no one is around on a campus with more than 50,000 people. Last Friday night, Sean and I went to a great show by James “Blood” Ullmer’s Memphis Blood (blues) and Meshell Ndegeocello. Each set was amazing. (Losanjealous has photos: Meshells’ set, James “Blood” Ullmer.)

Sunny day at the Rose Bowl

Last month, I returned to the Rose Bowl for the first time in 10+ years. After I quit the band, I didn’t bother going to games. As an alum I’d watch and cheer, but wasn’t interested in making the trip out to the Rose Bowl. I hadn’t ever tailgated. I went twice in two weeks.

Back for the first time in 12+ years

I was late to the UCLA vs USC game, but it was okay because I still got to see UCLA beat USC for the first time since 2006.
I remember that!

The game was great, but the weather was awful. I still stayed for the postgame show with the band. Band geek p/v.

Tailgate with some UCLA alum

The next week I jumped at the chance to go my first tailgate ever for the final game of the season against Stanford. The tacos were yummy and I got to catch up with some old friends. The weather was great (hot!), but the game wasn’t great.

Sean's first tailgate

The game was Sean’s first tailgate too. He has an excuse since he went to a school without a football team.

Trombones lead the way after the drum majors

As we were waiting to enter the Rose Bowl, the band marched by. I almost cheered for the trombone line — my former section! — but kept my inner band geek in check. I was only in the band during my first two years at UCLA, but the experience was quite memorable. I quit after I got busier on campus (work, being a student leader, taking on a double major) and the football team started faltering.

Bass drums and sousaphones

Still, I can’t help but get excited when I see the gold capes and see the pregame show that hasn’t changed since I was in then band 13 years ago.


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