Cleopatra Suite calm

I’m a lazy wedding recap writer. Last post was over a month ago about my morning freakout. This one has been sitting in my drafts since I think getting ready posts aren’t all that interesting. However, now I have pictures from our pro photographer, Michael Fletcher. They’re great photos. Might as well share since I’m sure you have no idea what someone looks like while getting hair and makeup done.

Cleopatra suite, room 702

I had nothing to cry about. Really. Even before my minor freakout, things were going as planned in the Cleopatra Suite.

Bar hair styling station

Bathroom hair styling station

The suite that felt huge and empty the previous night filled up quickly with six bridesmaids, my mom, two sets of hair stylists and makeup artists, and my dad (occasionally). It was busy as everyone took turns in the makeup and hair stations.

Nancy's tattoo!

BM's getting ready

By the time Elisa, the make-up artist, arrived at 10:30 the tears were out of my system. I went from sleepy-nervous-crying bride to chill bride thanks to my mom’s reassurance and presence. Elisa mentioned my calm demeanor as did Michael, the photographer. I heard he asked Lori if I was okay because he’d never seen a bride so calm.

Hair and makeup

Elisa at work

While I got my makeup done, the bridesmaids and my mom ate the sandwiches delivered by our friends, Kevin and Jen. They ran into Sean and offered to help knowing how hectic wedding day prep can be; they’re also newlyweds.


Borrowed and blue

White roses bouquet

Michael and Soupy, the second shooter, went from our suite to the guys’ room getting photos of our various accessories and detailed dress photos.

Dress bling

Mi vestidooooooo

They laid out my dress elegantly against the headboard and I started to feel nervous excitement. I’d finally get to wear my dress for more than 10 minutes… on the hottest day of the year.

Affixing my eyelashes


Everyone else was done but Elisa had a little trouble getting the eyelashes to stick. As she finished up, Andie retouched my curls and made sure everything was in place.

With a little help from my sister

Lori at work

As soon as they were done, it was time for the dress and help. Lori, mom and Andrea helped get me into the dress and lace me up.

Andie affixes my veil

Veiled (2)


Andie was on veil duty.

The parents getting ready

Michael and Soupy took a few photos with the bridesmaids, but we had to make it quick as the limo bus had already arrived and the guys were already in the lobby. The bridesmaids rushed off and my mom followed soon after in the Durango with Sarah and Nancy, the other set of hair and makeup artists.

Sean's note


I got some solo photos and took a moment to read Sean’s note. I teared up a little but not enough to lose the bet. Plus, it didn’t count.

Dad fixing his tux

A little nervous

By 1:30 — on time! — I was in the elevator with my Lori, dad and ready to go from Brea to Hacienda Heights.

All photos except suite name/number by Michael Fletcher Photography.


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