Halloween with the cousins

Halloween was pretty chill this year. My cousin Nancy hosted another party this year. She teamed up with a co-worker and used his house. Some of the cousins came out too.

The costumes:

First Halloween

No, we didn’t plan this out. The costumes were just convenient and easy to put together.

The explorers

Adrian and Alexis as Diego and Dora; too bad you can’t see her really cute backpack… or Adrian’s purse satchel.

Calvin Ellis

He’s not Clark Kent, he’s Calvin Ellis, Superman in Earth-23. Ellis is black. (I love it when he shows off his geeky side.)

Sorceress and Diana Prince

Ingrid made a great sorceress.

R2 Chola & Calvin Ellis

I got worried when Nancy (R2-D2 in a tutu) started getting near the fire pit. Tutus are flammable, right?

Ingrid & Tony

Tony has had that mask forever. He used to scare me with it when I was a kid over 20 years ago.

Superheroes gotta eat

Superheroes gotta eat.

Superheroes gotta stay hydrated

And stay hydrated.

As for the day of, I went on a run in the neighborhood, checked out the decorations and dodged trick-or-treaters. A lot of people put up cool decorations and people drive in to the area. Despite seeing a bunch of trick-or-treaters a few blocks away, no one actually came to our apartment. Oh well, more candy for us.


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