Chilaquiles in Culver City: El Rio Bravo & Kay ‘N Dave’s

Remember when I was going to review chilaquiles at local restaurants like El Chavo reviews huevos rancheros? No? That’s probably because I’ve only done two reviews. Anyway, today I decided that my new mission (also known as gimmick) should be eating chilaquiles at all the Mexican restaurants in LA and then writing about it. I have two reviews for this week, which is the same amount of reviews since I first mentioned this project back in July 2007.

On Wednesday night, I went out with a new blog friend (hi, Faster Bunny) for a late dinner and drinks at Kay ‘n Dave’s in Culver City. I chose the chilaquiles since I love Mexican breakfast at any hour of the day. I didn’t get a photo, but that’s okay.

The chilaquiles at Kay ‘N Dave’s were made with a mild red salsa and scrambled with eggs. The jack and cheddar cheese mix on top (I think) was plentiful, but clumped up. They served it with a side of corn or flour tortillas — weird I know — pinto or black beans and rice. I never touched the tortillas, seriously did they expect me to make a taco de chilaquiles? The black beans were decent. The chilaquiles were okay, but I wouldn’t get them a second time. I didn’t really like the way the cheese clumped up and would prefer the eggs on the side. I was much more impressed with the tamarindo mezcal margarita. I’ll definitely get that again.

Tortilla chips

Today I visited El Rio Bravo, a newish restaurant in Culver City. Sean and I have been there a few times, but mainly for dinner. As soon as we sat down, they brought us the typical chips and salsa. Well, not typical as the chips are better than I’ve tasted at most local restaurants. They taste as if they just came out of the fryer and are perfectly salted.

Chips & salsa

Along with the chips, the waitress brought out two bowls of salsa. One is a very mild tomato salsa. It would be boring if the tomatoes didn’t taste so fresh. The second is a spicier tomatillo salsa. I’m a fan of both.

Chilaquiles at el Rio Bravo

If I was going to rank the chilaquiles by chips, El Rio Bravo would get a 3.5 (5 chips being the best I’ve had, the ones from my mom’s kitchen). The cook used the same chips as those brought out to all the guests. The salsa poured over the chips was good, but not enough. The chips were way too dry and when I finished some of the chips were still crunchy. I did like that the chilaquiles were not too cheesy. I ate barely half my plate at Kay ‘N Dave’s but finished all of my chilaquiles, plus the beans and scrambled eggs. I was hungry.

I can’t complain much about El Rio Bravo. The chilaquiles are not amazing, but the other meals I’ve had there have been great. The service is great and even though we said we’re too full for dessert, our servers still brought out a complimentary dessert. Last time we went for dinner, our server brought out fried ice cream. Today, it was a plate full of fresh pineapple, watermelon, melon and grapes.

Chilaquiles chip review (out of 5 chips)
Kay ‘N Dave’s: 3
El Rio Bravo: 3.5


2 thoughts on “Chilaquiles in Culver City: El Rio Bravo & Kay ‘N Dave’s

  1. 🙂 You should try the chilaquiles up north here in San Mateo / Bay Area at a place called Celias. Best I have ever had (although maybe a bit too much cheese, but they’re so amenable that they’d probably put less if you asked!), other than my own, of course. I usually get them with shredded beef, which is also different than my own as i don’t use any meat, but with their arroz and yummy refried beans….my goodness. I’m hungry now! Can’t wait to read more of your chilaquiles reviews ;D

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