Wedding Wednesdays

Less than six months out and I still refuse to buy bridal magazines

Wedding planning hasn’t made me go crazy yet, but it has turned my hair gray. Wait, that’s just genetics and aging. I can’t blame wedding planning.

Forthe last year, Sean and I do a little bit of planning and get a big thing like the date and venues out of the way and then take a break from wedding planning for a few weeks or more. That wasn’t a problem when we had more than a year to plan, but now we’re less than 4 months away and can’t procrastinate. Sean suggested Wedding Wednesdays, the day when we get out our to-do lists and check off some items.

Since my April Fool’s elopement post, we’ve been pretty productive.

Bridal Party

Picking up my dress. Still have tons to do on the wedding to-do list.

I picked up my dress! I got a call on Tuesday from Rosa’s Shop. I was surprised. I ordered it early in February, but didn’t expect to be in until next month. I stopped by yesterday and tried it on again. According to Rosa, I can’t lose/gain weight nor get taller. That should be easy, especially staying short. My dress has a lace-up back so it can be tightened/loosened and won’t need any alterations besides the bustle and maybe sewing in bra cups. I still need to figure out shoes, veil and any other accessories.

Sean chose his and the groomsmen’s suits. I’m hoping to gather up most of the bridesmaids for shopping this weekend. We have a few top choices.

We still need to figure out flower girls, but have a ring bearer. I asked my cousin Tony and his wife, Ingrid, if their elder son would be our ring bearer. They were happy and said yes. When I asked eight-year old Anthony, he said no and ran away to play. Kids are silly. I hope he comes around.

BCC patio

We re-visited the reception venue. The first time we visited, the staff was very helpful, but I didn’t know what to ask. This time, we got a much better sense of how the banquet hall and adjoining spaces are typically set up for weddings or parties. I had no idea we could use the hallway outside the room to place a photo booth. Last summer, we didn’t even check out the patio. I was surprised to find out it was much bigger than I’d imagined. I came away feeling better and excited about the party. Seriously, I worried our guests weren’t going to fit. In my imagination the venue had shrunk.

We hired a DJ. I know he’ll be able to handle my Mexican family’s requests since he has very similar roots (also from Jerez, Zacatecas). He won’t need to look for a copy of “La Marcha de Zacatecas”.

More arrangements

I searched for a florist and did some pricing in downtown LA’s flower district with my mom. I also met with a potential florist (recommended by a friend). We still have to hire a florist, but at least I have a budget in mind.

Met with and hired a bartender. She was recommended by Alexis (brother’s girlfriend). She’ll bring along two other people to handle our party. She also gave us some pretty good suggestions on stocking the bar on a budget.

Priced alcohol, plates and cutlery.

Ordered tablecloths and napkins. We found a wholesaler downtown who did custom colors and was more affordable than the rentals I’d looked into.

Ceremony/Church stuff

We had our second meeting with Fr Ricky at St. John Vianney and went over the results of the compatibility test we took at orientation last summer. We have some areas to work on/talk about, but we knew that.

We attended Engaged Encounter, a retreat for Catholic couples. Our church requires this rather than weekly classes in preparation for the sacrament of marriage. I liked the retreat because it was a focus on marriage rather than the wedding. It was nice to talk to several other couples with summer/fall weddings. Plus, it was refreshing to see what I’ve known all along: the average couple in Southern California is underrepresented on the popular wedding blogs.

Looked into a soloist to sing at the Mass. This meant asking my cousin, Fabiola, if she’ll sing. I’m crossing my fingers that she can make the trip from Guanajuato. Music is already included in the church fee, but I’d love to hear Fabiola sing a song or two.


7 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesdays

  1. Fun post to read! Brea is a nice area and have no doubt it will be a good point to gather everyone. The floral district, I hear, is a bit of a gamble, so glad you’re hiring a florist to handle things. Also, I think that a tie-back dress should allow for size changes, right?! 😉

    Of course, reading this made me a little nervous, too… I realize I have less than six months left. Frankly, I’m losing enthusiasm for the whole thing, but maybe this is normal.

  2. Zenaida Arroyo says:

    So excited for you! Looking forward to reading more about your wedding in Wednesday’s posts..hopefully.

  3. I think it is normal. There’s a point where you look at the list of things to do and it just seems soooo long. I gave myself more work (and costs) going with the Catholic wedding, but that’s super important to me.

    The floral district wasn’t bad, but you really gotta know what you’re looking for. I might go back and see what they can quote me on arrangements for the ceremony and bouquets. All I know is what centerpieces go for.

  4. This is exactly what I want her to sing. I have video of her singing it at my aunt’s wedding a couple years ago and have heard her sing it for other events. I actually joked with her years ago that I had to get married while her visa was still good so she could sing at my wedding. She got it for ten years because she’s a student or something. I don’t know, I just remember the story and she thinking she was super lucky.

  5. Diana Garcia says:

    Hello, I googled Brea Community Center and your blog came up I am so glad I found you So I can see the end result of your wedding because I am also a bride having my reception at Brea Community Center. Keep the Wednesday wedding blog dates coming! And congrats!!!

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