South Campus changes

South campus student center

When I first started at UCLA, the tour guides who worked with the orientation program told us that the Bomb Shelter used to actually be a bomb shelter at the height of the Cold War. Of course, it was located in the Court of Sciences near the engineering and science departments because in case of a nuclear attack, it’d be more important to save and engineering or physics professor than one in the humanities or arts. After the Cold War, it was converted in to an eatery with different food options for students. Something like that. Freshman orientation was a long time ago.

The myths about buildings and campus landmarks were all intended to get us to better remember the campus.

I should get out of the office for lunch more often, especially with this lovely area a few steps away

The Bomb Shelter was razed a few years ago to make way for a snazzy new Court of Sciences Student Center. The LEED certified building opened up a couple of months ago. I walk by often, but hadn’t actually checked it out since I always bring my own lunch.

I still haven’t visited any of the new eateries or been in the building, but I like the outdoor changes. The grassy rooftop might become my go-to spot when I need to get out of the office after staring at the computer too long or freezing with the always-too-cold AC. I like the nearby botanical garden too, but that area is shaded and sometimes I want to sit in the sun.

Sometimes I get tired of being at UCLA forever (only have myself to blame on this one). Other days, I appreciate that being around a long time lets me see the changes. Yesterday was one of those days.


2 thoughts on “South Campus changes

  1. I wish I had a reason to work at UCLA…that place is a cesspool of happiness for me. I’m due for a visit, I’m sure I will be very disoriented to find the bomb shelter gone.

    I never really thought about why we got that tour with the myths but….it totally worked. I think I remember every single one. Wasn’t one about a marathon through the math building?

  2. No more bomb shelter? Noooo! (Not because the food was any good…it sucked). My home base–Engineering I–is gone too. The one thing that should have been torn down and rebuilt (Pauley), was only given a facelift.

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