Recovery mode

I don’t know what I did during the marathon to my left quad, but since then it hasn’t been okay. After the marathon, I was as sore as I expected I would be and enjoyed my rest days. I took some short walks, but I was mainly sitting around.

On Thursday I realized something wasn’t right. I went out intending to run 3 slow, easy miles. I started out on my usual route. I wasn’t more than 20 yards away before feeling some discomfort in my left quad. It wasn’t horrible, just annoying. If I wasn’t recovering from a marathon, I probably would have continued my run. Instead, I change plans a block later. Four days post-marathon wasn’t the time to ignore any signals from my body. I went home and iced. Later, I went to the gym and worked out on the elliptical. That felt okay.

I tried going for a run on Saturday. I felt the same pain again, but it didn’t start as quickly. I wasn’t so willing to give up immediately and ran a mile hoping it would go away or be manageable. After a mile and crashing in to another runner thanks to some high hedges — we were both okay and she was really nice and concerned — I decided to walk the rest of the way.

I’m not too worried about the left quad yet. It bugged me a little during the final 6 or 7 miles of the race. Fueled with adrenaline and hopes for huge PR and dream sub-4 finish I just kept on running. I asked a lot out of my body and it came through. I’m fine giving it a rest.


3 thoughts on “Recovery mode

  1. I’m going to try running for the first time post-marathon later today… last time, I waited three weeks (my lack of the run-itchies was amazing). But you never know what pain will hit regardless of the wait… but seriously, after a sub-4, consider it celebratory rest.

  2. chispa says:

    Congrats on your PR Cindy! Thanks for all the tips n advice you provided for my first LA Marathon, answering even my simplest questions made race day that much better for me. I am still recovering, every now and then one of my back muscles goes a little crazy, but I’m feeling better than last week.

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