Comida, Familia

V-day dinner by Chef Danny

Lori's balloons were the centerpiece

My brother, Danny, invited Sean and I to a Valentine’s dinner over the weekend. I know V-Day isn’t a family oriented holiday, but Danny’s a trained chef and it’s kinda rare that I get to eat anything he makes. Whenever I see him he’s usually exhausted from work. Sean liked the idea of a home-cooked gourmet meal rather than going out to a restaurant.

Traffic from LA to Hacienda Heights was horrible, but it was worth it. Danny made a delicious dinner with a little help from me, Lori and Costco. I like helping him out, it actually makes me feel like I know something about cooking.

We sat down to dinner a little late, but it was fine with me and accommodated my parents’ schedule.

Green salad

Green salad

Shrimp in a cayenne butter sauce with garlic asparagus

Shrimp in a delicious cayenne sauce

Filet mignon with a mushroom sauce, shrimp, roasted potatoes, asparagus and carrots (not pictured: garlic bread from the grocery store)

The main course

Apple pie a la mode (from Costco)

Apple pie & vanilla bean ice cream

I was so stuffed.

My favorites were definitely the cayenne shrimp and the mushroom sauce.

V.R. breaks out the sad puppy dog eyes for a chance at some steak

As or VR, he was really working the puppy dog eyes angle to get some steak.


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