Ten tidbits for the week

I love lime.

I got a mysterious cut on my thumb. It’s more annoying than painful, especially when squeezing lime or giving my apartment a much-needed scrubbing.

Which one?

I went wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister yesterday. I’m pretty sure I found the dress.

Mozzarella en carroza @ Rocco's

I read on NPR’s The Salt blog that Americans eat an average of 31 pounds of cheese annually. That caught my eye for obvious reasons. I didn’t know if it was a #31fail or a #31ftw. Then I did the math. 31 pounds is only 1.35 ounces a day. That’s around 1 1/3 servings daily. No big deal. If it was the amount of cheese I consumed yesterday — one slice on an egg sandwich, half a slice on a cheeseburger, half of that mozzarella en carroza up there, and whatever was on two slices of sausage & spinach pizza — then I’d be concerned.

UCLA is mine!

I really hate this statement: “getting a BA is the new high school diploma, it’s meaningless.” All that tells me is that the speaker comes from quite the privileged background. I know that for someone who shares my background — immigrant parents, first generation college student, Chicana, lower middle class — earning a BA was beating the odds. Hell, graduating high school is a big deal for a lot of people like me. It’s true that college-going and graduation rates have increased for all segments of the population, but some groups still fall far behind.

Shopping PSA featuring Sean

I made my first trip to Target in a few weeks. To keep to my not be a sucker for Target resolution I made a list beforehand, and stuck to it for the most part. I bought one item off the list, a set of 10 pound dumbbells. Sean gave me his disapproving side-eye if he caught me looking at something that was not on the list, but he suggested the new dumbbells since the 8 pound ones are too easy.

Fitness stuff for the home

I’ve been strength training twice a week for seven weeks now. I’m seeing some results. I’ve been able to increase the weights 25%. Okay, it’s only going from 8 pounds to 10, but that’s still improvement. My jeans and blouses fit less snug too.

Garmin run for 1/30

I thought I was getting faster after incorporating regular strength and cross training. After doing the math, I’m not so sure. I averaged a 9:15 pace for easy runs from October through December; this excludes long runs and races. In January my easy runs averaged a 9:04 pace. Not as big a difference as I thought considering my average easy run is shorter these days. Well, at least I’ve shown some recent improvement in the half marathon distance. I ran about 2:03 in my first half marathon in October 2010. My personal best in December was 10 minutes faster.

Cindy and her mom

This week I realized I was “brave” because I venture out in to the world without makeup and any special hair style 95% of the time. I don’t wear makeup because I want to buck social norms. I’m just too apathetic to bother, too cheap to spend money on the good stuff, and don’t like spending much time getting ready. I really like the way I look with makeup, but I’m not so used to myself with mascara and eyeliner that I feel I look ghostly or insecure without it.

Happy hour hefeweizens

I had my first beer in a month yesterday. I temporarily gave up alcohol in January. It’s easy for me. I don’t drink much to begin with. Now, giving up Diet Coke for a month was difficult.

Old Skool

My Blogotitlán friends want to run the Chicago Marathon in the fall. I’m bummed I’ll have to sit out this reunion as I’ve already decided not to run a fall marathon and I’ll probably be tapped out of any extra funds due to the wedding and honeymoon. [Photo by Oso.]


8 thoughts on “Ten tidbits for the week

  1. Cute new layout!

    To cut 10 minutes off your half time is definitely progress… I am aspiring to your level! I only have a set of 3-pounders, and they are enough for me. Yeah, I know.

    Also, I hate that statement about BA->HS diploma. I paid for that diploma all by myself, and even though there’s a stereotype about Asians, we’ve always been dirt poor and didn’t have access to the crap that most people associate with Asians (prep stuff, not having to worry about paying for the materials for your science project, etc.).

    Lastly, makeup only became an issue when I started working, but then I’ve phased it out, and nobody seems to notice. Or maybe that’s why I’m not getting promoted. (j/k!)

  2. I’ve visited 6 times (I think) for work/school and to visit friends. I’d love love to go back. I’ve never been in fall! Sadly, this fall will probably be too hectic.

  3. Being able to do the workout at home and not have to go the gym (even though I have access to two) makes it much easier for me to stay consistent with weight training. At work we select the students for the program based on life challenges. The biggest number of students who meet that criteria are Asian. It really shows that the model minority myth is just that and there’s a whole lot of diversity within the community. The best thing I found to make dress shopping efficient was going in with ideas of what you like/don’t like. Take prints or screenshots (I used my iPad) of your favorites. However, be open to trying on a dress a little outside of your ideals. Good luck!

  4. i bailed on the chicago run too…cause oso bailed.
    i think only PLT ended up signing up.
    do you go to the gym at all? i’ve been tempted to invest in weights for home, but i already go to the gym and pay for that…dunno.

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