Egging me on

Most of my runs are pretty boring. I go out for a few miles. I listen to podcasts. I watch out for distracted drivers, dog walkers, cyclists, walkers, or cracks in the sidewalk.

Today’s long run wasn’t boring. First, I saw a rat blocking my path 2.5 miles in. I stopped 15 yards away. I hate rodents. I usually scream, but this time I just stopped and paused my watch. I looked at the rat again hoping it was just a squirrel. It wasn’t. For a minute, I watched to see if it’d go back into the bushes. It didn’t move. Then, I considered crossing the street, but jaywalking in the dark on Pico Blvd isn’t a good idea. The crosswalk was a few yards past the rat. I briefly considered making a ruckus to scare it, but nixed that idea. I ran up the hill past the rat fast as if doing hill repeats and looked away from the rat.

The middle miles around the park were uneventful except for when I almost tripped on a root and later when a nice man gave me a thumbs up and said “good job!” as I ran by.

Unfortunately, everyone in my neighborhood wasn’t so nice and encouraging. As I was approaching the last mile of my out-and-back, I got egged.

egging me on

I was running on a familiar street in my neighborhood when I saw a car approach. I moved closer to the curb as I always do when I’m on a street with cars. The car slowed down for a speed bump. As they neared, a passenger threw an egg at me. I didn’t see it, and if they said anything, I didn’t hear it. The egg smacked me hard on my left thigh and broke. It stung and I instinctively reached down to inspect what had just happened. I felt the sticky yolk and realized I’d just been egged. I thought I heard laughing and called out “assholes!” as they drove away.

I wanted some sort of revenge or justice, but there was nothing I could do. I didn’t see the eggers. I can’t even tell you what kind of car they drove aside from a red coupe or sedan.

Instead, I continued home and sped up a little. I wondered if the eggers were out egging people or homes. It was dark, but seemed early for such mischief. I thought about the waste of a perfectly good egg, or more. A moment later, I saw the lights of another car approaching and worried that the eggers turned around and were coming back for round two. I moved on to the sidewalk. Fortunately, it wasn’t them and I made it home without further incident

As I wrote above, most of my runs are uneventful. I’m grateful that my usual routes are in a pretty safe area. I know other urban runners deal with icy sidewalks, harassment, aggressive dogs, careless drivers and worse. In perspective, a rat and an egg that left a welt (maybe a bruise) isn’t going to keep me from running in my neighborhood.

I have races to train for.


10 thoughts on “Egging me on

  1. Wow! Seriously, what a bunch of assholes. I seriously hate to find out what sort Karma special delivery is scheduled for them, but they deserve it.
    I’m glad you didn’t let this incident get you down. My friend was egged at a bus stop and thought that she had been shot. I can’t imagine how terrible it must feel.
    Anyways, here is to hoping you have a happier training experience.

  2. Momo says:

    I must say I was most disgusted by the rat sighting; it actually made me feel nauseous this morning. Hope that neither the rat nor the egg incident happens to you again.

  3. Sorry about the egg. Do you carry anything on you, in case someone is more aggressive? Like pepper spray?

    Glad you’re not letting harrassment get in the way of your training.

  4. Someone threw a snowball at me from a moving car last winter, as I was standing outside a coffee shop with a friend who was smoking. It hurt a lot more than I would have thought.

    At least they didn’t waste food in the process. Ugh. What assholes.

  5. Rats and egg throwers, I don’t know which disgusts me more? The egg throwers, I think, because they’re human and should know better. Interesting that these two images should bookend your post. If I were a brujo, I’d say that the rat was giving you a warning that you didn’t understand at the time. The egg was the randomness of human stupidity. I’m glad you are alright. Keep running.

  6. Fabricio: I learned something new on Sunday. Ouch.

    GeekGirl: I’ve heard of worse happening to runners, so in the long run it’s just annoyance and disbelief.

    Joe: Briefly thought about that, but I’d have nothing to go on. Hope they didn’t egg anyone else.

    Laura: I think the universe has a way to correct for these sorts of things. Yikes, I feel bad for your friend.

    Momo: Oh, the rat was definitely scary. I really did want to cross the street ’cause I hate rodents so much.

    Sesa: My safety precautions are kinda weak. I have an ID tag on my shoe and occasionally carry a phone for longer runs. Never pepper spray.

    April: Oh, I can see a snowball packed tight and thrown hard as being quite painful. Sorry that happened to you.

    Dedalus: Interesting theory. Maybe the rat was gnawing on a piece of egg? It looked like it had food or something that could have been food. I tried not to look closely.

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