LA Marathon 2012 decision time

Starting line!

One of my goals for the month was to finally decide on running the LA Marathon. With two days left in the month, I still haven’t decided. Enter, the trusty pro/con list.


  1. The LA Marathon was my first marathon last year and I loved it.
  2. It’s local. I’m not interested in traveling for races next year. I need to save the extra travel/accommodations money I’d spend on a destination race.
  3. I loved the Stadium to the Sea course. With the marathon potentially changing owners, I might not have opportunity to start a race at Dodger Stadium again.
  4. My Long Beach Marathon experience sucked. I need to erase it with a good experience.
  5. Spring is the only time I’d like to run a marathon next year. I don’t want to train for a marathon while worrying about the wedding in September.
  6. I’d likely be able to get some long runs in with the SRLA kids and can do long runs on part of the course.
  7. I’d have the guidance of my coach. So far while working with him, I’ve managed two PRs.
  8. Since it’s local, family can come out like they did last year.
  9. I’m not interested in other area marathons in the spring/early summer (e.g. OC, Pasadena, San Diego). Bay Area races are out of the question due to travel costs.


  1. Frank McCourt currently owns the LAM. If I run, that will be padding his money grubbing pockets. I don’t like McCourt.
  2. I’ve already run LA, maybe I should do another local spring marathon.
  3. I can think of plenty of other things to do with $145 ($155 after January 15th).
  4. I got injured in September at the end of the last training cycle.
  5. I’m currently dealing with some IT band issues and have cut back on my running in the last few weeks.
  6. Focusing on marathon training will give me less time to focus on other fitness goals, i.e. losing some weight, more strength training.
  7. I’m lazy.
  8. Training through the winter means runs after dark (I’m not a morning person) and sunny morning long runs. I prefer the marine layer cloud cover during the summer.

That’s all I got.

The pro list is obviously longer and reflects what I’ve been feeling for the last few months. I got two confidence boosts with my PRs at the Turkey Trot 10K and the Holiday Half Marathon. However, in the weeks after the Holiday Half, my IT band has been acting up. After my last long run (11 miles), I was in some pain. I felt as if I’d taken a fall on my hip. It’s gotten better with some icing, sticking/massaging and rest. I’ve kept recents runs <4.5 miles. At least I’m getting in my cross training and strength training.

The plan:
Begin training, have my coach write my training plans as if I do have a marathon to run on March 18th. I won’t register until I feel more confident that I can get through the cycle sans injury. I don’t want a Long Beach ’11 repeat nor do I want to back out later and possibly lose the $145/155 registration fee.

Count me in for LA 2012… unofficially.


4 thoughts on “LA Marathon 2012 decision time

  1. I wish I could be making this decision, but it’s already been made for me. =( So I am hoping that I suddenly whip myself into shape, because I literally feel like I’m starting at Square One, in spite of my intentions.

  2. Marlene says:

    I don’t know how to swim well, but I do know that swimming has helped some of the adult runners I know especially when dealing with IT or knee issues during training.

    I love reading about your experiences running. It makes me want to put on my shoes and go out for a run.

  3. Erweezy says:

    I’m signed up.
    When looking for a marathon I always recommend one that is only a marathon. Not a half/full deal. You get more course support and spectator love. Have considered buying a bib on Craigslist days before the event at half the cost? It’s illegal but so were my parents.

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