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Pictures of you (and me)

On Sunday afternoon, Sean and I met up with Michael Fletcher, our talented photographer. We made the super short trip to downtown Culver City.

For the next 3+ hours Mike took hundreds of photos of us in various states of PDA. Or rivalry.

It was a little odd to have a tiny audience when we were in Downtown Culver City and at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.

We really stuck out at the overlook since most of the people up there were in workout clothes.

On Monday morning, Michael sent us a link to the online gallery. I’m very happy with the photos. It wasn’t easy to choose favorites from the 180+ he uploaded [#humblebrag]. I picked 1-2 per location/wardrobe change. If you want to see a few more, Sean chose his favorites and posted about them on his blog.

Photos: Michael Fletcher Photography

Makeup: Evette. Going to her work on Saturday was totally worth dealing with Eastside Carmageddon, aka the 60 freeway closure. We did a trial run on Saturday. On Sunday morning she came over to my mom’s house. If not for Evette, I would’ve never thought to go for red lips or add false lashes.
Hair: Alexis (brother’s girlfriend), she styled it with 5 minutes’ notice on Sunday morning
Sean’s beard: Headmaster Barber Shop
Dress and Sean’s shirt, sweater and tie: Banana Republic. He influenced me with shopping there, I influenced the color choice. I love purple and so does my grandmother, Mamá Toni.

Downtown Culver City
Cheviot Hills Recreation Center
Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook


21 thoughts on “Pictures of you (and me)

  1. You two are so gorgeous! And I love your dress.

    Did you happen to catch the name of the lipstick Evette used? I’m constantly on the search for the perfect red, and you and I have similar skin/hair tones.

  2. @Sesa: It’s MAC Classic Dame (A 67). Evette let me keep it since I knew I’d need to touch up after she did my makeup. I wasn’t smart enough to eat before our 9 am appointment.

  3. These are great. Your photographer did a great job capturing your relationship and personalities, without going overboard with the cheese.

  4. Anel,
    Thank you. I definitely felt glammed up!


    The silhouette pictures were fun to do, but it was so cold up there.

    Yeah, Evette was great to work with. She was both professional and easy to talk to. I’m usually very quiet with stylists or manicurists, even if I’ve been going to see them for a while. I didn’t know Evette too well before, but she’s a friend of the family so that made me feel more comfortable.

    Oh, there’s a lot of cheesiness in the whole gallery. That’s not the photographer’s fault, we’re pretty cheesy to begin with. Thanks!

    Thank you! I was a little worried that LA would be less picturesque this time of year, but I think it looked okay. It helps that the park is filled with evergeens.

    Aw. Thank you. And I really hope nothing horrible happens to your heart.

    Hah. It’s not inappropriate. And yes, Sean knows how to make glasses look great. Gracias.

    Thank you. You should check it out (I mentioned the name above). I know we toned it down just a smidge because my mom/siblings/grandparents all thought it was a little too much. I don’t usually wear makeup and have never done red lipstick, so I could see their point.

    Thanks! Awww, how could you forget LA’s beauty? It’s not all smog and freeways. 😀

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