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And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Sean and I got engaged in March and then proceeded to get overwhelmed with the wedding planning process. Eventually we stopped being freaked out and started checking tasks off the planning checklist. We came up with a working guest list, freaked out a little bit more about the number, and then started looking for reception sites that would big enough to hold our party. By July, we’d set a date, had paid deposits to reserve the reception venue and church, and had attended the first of a few necessary meetings and orientations at the church. Next we started looking for a photographer. That was pretty easy. I’ve been acquainted with Michael Fletcher via Flickr since 2005 (maybe ’06). I’ve always liked his portraits and liked his classic style for wedding photography.

This Sunday we’ll meet up with Michael again for our engagement photo session. Although both Sean and I have seen several examples online, we’re still a little unsure of what we want to do and what to wear. Casual? Dressy? Both?

Do I really need another purple dress?

I think I’ll wear this new jacquard flare dress from Banana Republic (took advantage of a non black Friday sale). I’m not yet sure how I’ll style it besides some berry colored pumps. I’ll probably add a cardigan in another vibrant color and some jewelry, but don’t know what just yet. If you have any suggestions or links, send them over.

Then there’s all the beauty and grooming stuff. I went to my local nail salon to de-Frida my unruly eyebrows and upper lip fuzz. I like the results, but hate the process and the immediate redness and puffiness of my upper lip and eyelid/eyebrow area. I also got a manicure so that my hands look nice in any photos focusing on the engagement ring. I’m getting a trim and my hair dyed tomorrow to get rid of the persistent grays. Saturday I’ll meet with Evette so she can do a trial run and figure out what colors to use on my face. Lori can’t do my makeup that morning, but has had Evette do her makeup before.

Phew. I’m sure this will seem like nothing come September.


10 thoughts on “Engaging photos

  1. if you’re wearing berry pumps, wear bold jewelry or all gold jewelry. where are you taking photos? did you all scout out locations? cali is such a perfect place for all that. you should drive to the desert or something. you should take photos at an old soda bar (where you get floats). or take holiday-ish photos. do all of that. that is a pretty dress. just don’t forget to wear makeup.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I LOL’ed with you ‘de-Frida’! I’m sure everything will look great! You’re already gorgeous and Sean is handsome! These pics will look fab!

  3. Chicana Pipil says:

    I agree, you not are already good looking and you both already take fabulous pictures, bumping it up with makeup and a good photographer will just make you guys look more fabulous. I would suggest having 2-3 outfits. My cousins did several wardrobe changes so they had different styles and options. Not to make it harder for you to decide, but just throwing it out there as an option. 🙂 I can’t wait till you show us some pics!!

  4. Chicana Pipil says:

    Auto correct Typo!! I don’t know how that happened!! I meant to say you are *both (not NOT)– you are both already good looking!!

  5. Eeeee, fun! I would do both styles so you have more to go on. I love Banana Republic, too, except I have to be careful about how things fit. Their “normal” sales are generally better than Black Friday sales anyway.

  6. Totally random, but I had a crazy dream that I had this mad bushy mustache last night. Your “de-Frida” comment made me remember it. Crazy. 🙂

  7. LizD says:

    So much fun, I can sympathize with the highs and lows of the planning process. Have to agree with a previous post, with such a pretty dress, berry pumps, where a bold necklace. It’ll really stand out. 🙂 If you’re going to different places, I’ve seen people have different wardrobe changes to reflect their personalities/mood.

    Re the wax irrigation: have you tried threading? I’m quite sensitive too and my eyebrows/lips don’t get irritated, as they do with the wax.

    Regardless of what you decide, I’m sure they’ll turn out fabulous. Have fun!

  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve tried waxing and I hate it just as much, but it’s been a while so maybe I should try it again. I thought gold would set it off nice too, but that means I need to go look for something since I don’t have any gold necklaces and the bracelets/cuffs I have are cheap H&M, F21 type stuff.

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