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Guide to holiday blogging

Are you in a blogging rut? Need some ideas for blog posts?

Never fear, here’s 10 timely topics. Don’t worry, these haven’t been done to death by bloggers, magazine writers and local TV news.

christmas eve goodies

1. How not to gain weight through the holidays and manage eating at holiday parties. This includes writing about low-fat and low-calorie versions of traditional holiday dishes.

Regalos (gifts) for everyone

2. Gift guides for everyone, including the neighbor’s dog.

A whole lot of cousins

3. How to survive spending time with your family over the holidays and holiday dinners

Jaq from Cinderella

4. Your holiday decorations: traditions; sentimental ornaments; Christmas tree buying adventure; your take on the fake vs. real debate; caring for a real tree

Inspired by the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland?

5. Complaints about the holiday season: it starts too early; the “war on Christmas” (e.g. secularization of the holiday, Jesus is the reason for the seaon!); rampant consumerism; overplayed carols in stores and on the radio; traveling for the holidays; your neighbor’s gaudy decorations/lack of decorations in the neighborhood.

Caught off guard here

6. How to deal with holiday stress, the blues and other #firstworldproblems

I'm not too old for a pic with Santa

7. Open letter to Santa Claus (nevermind that you’re 27). This can be doubled with #2, since a lot of gift suggestion lists read as personal wishlists.

Feliz Navidad

8. Inventory of your gifts or the gifts you purchased for others

Making tamales

9. Menus and recipes for your holiday dinner spread. Make sure to include lots of photos of your favorite cookies or tamales.


10. How to handle the work holiday party and etiquette for how to drink/dress at the party. Make sure to include complaints about your job and co-worker.

Ernie and I hold Baby Jesus

Bonus: just post photos of Christmases past. (Guilty.)


2 thoughts on “Guide to holiday blogging

  1. A good list of starters.  Thanks!
    I’m sure we all have stories concerning #10, some of which could make good entries…other stories, however, should probably remain forever silent in the hope that they’ll be forgotten sooner.  Salud!

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