Getting along

Oops. I got super lax with posting after reaching my 10 year blog anniversary. I have some half-finished posts about some of the things I’ve learned through blogging and my favorite posts. Remind me not to forget those.

As for what’s been going on these past few weeks:

I got an iPhone 4. (Not the 4S, the local Verizon store didn’t have it in stock. Plus, the 4 was cheaper and I was fine without the 4S’ features.) I resisted getting an iPhone or any other smart phone mainly out of inertia — Verizon didn’t have iPhones until recently — and cost. I liked my relatively low cell phone bill. I finally gave in after having an iPad for a couple of months. I’m happy with the iPad, but as my brother says, I can’t make calls/text on it and I look really dorky trying to take a picture with it. I took advantage of my 2 year upgrade. I feel like I’ve finally joined the dark side… but really, it was a matter of time ’til I caved. That In-N-Out cheeseburger photo up there was the first taken with my new phone. I had to make it special.

I’m running the Puente Hills family YMCA Turkey Trot on Sunday. The 10K is two loops of a flat and boring course through the Puente Hills Mall and adjacent business park. I’ll get great views of the 60 freeway and the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance. Rain is in the forecast; this makes me happy. Last year, I think the rain scared off a lot of runners which meant the field of 10K runners was tiny. My sister won her age group and a turkey and I actually placed. I’m not sure I can best my time from last year considering I haven’t done any dedicated speed training. I’ve just been working on building up the miles again. Still, I know I can run strong distance races as I’ve done it a few times this year. Plus, maybe the rain will give me boost as it did at the LA Marathon and Pasadena Half Marathon.

Sean and I went to a screening of Tegan and Sara’s new tour/concert DVD Get Along at the Vista Theater on Tuesday. I’ve seen them once before at the Hollywood Bowl. Even in a huge venue, it was easy to see that they have great rapport with their fans. I loved their in-between song banter. After the screening, they did a lengthy Q&A with the audience. It was refreshing to see just how much they appreciate their fans, even if they can seem a little too, um, earnest.

An almost perfect shot of the cousins

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I see my extended family often enough that the only difference with Thanksgiving is that we’re hanging out on a weekday and not eating Mexican food. My favorite part (aside from ham, stuffing and pumpkin pie) is playing board games with the cousins and my godmother’s house. We also like to take silly pictures.

Wedding planning is slowly coming along. I feel like we get something done every two weeks or so and then get lazy. Right after Halloween, we took advantage of sales at costume shops to get props for the photo booth. Earlier this week, we finally came up with a workable concept for our wedding invitation. Sean’s friend, a graphic designer, has agreed to design our invites. I’m excited to see what she comes up with.


2 thoughts on “Getting along

  1. I also passed on the iPhone 4S during my upgrade. Don’t need all those fancy features; I spend enough time on the computer!

    One of my sisters is totally in love with T&S. I don’t know if she’s crushing on Tegan or Sara. I’ve never listened to any of their work; mostly a country fan.

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