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Halloween with the family

Ramses and la Chapulina Colorada

I love Halloween. I love my family. And I love parties. (Though not in that order!) Saturday night brought all three together at my cousin Nancy’s Halloween party.

Nancy (the awesome hostess) and Sean

First off, Nancy (as an Adelita) was the perfect hostess. She and her helpers did an awesome job decorating the house, preparing food and snacks, ribbons for the best costume winners, and making sure everyone had a great time.

Lori sad at her grave

My favorite decorations were the white van in the driveway with a label bearing the name of the San Bernardino County coroners office and the family graveyard in a corner of the yard. My siblings and several cousins had headstones, but my cousin Tony didn’t make one for me. I didn’t mind, but Lori was sad to find her headstone.

Costume prize ribbons

I also liked the silly best costume ribbons.

Group shot

The best part — aside from the food, drinks and dancing with friends and family — was checking out everyone’s costumes. It’s always fun to see costumes come together or seeing what someone came up with. More costumes after the jump.

My mom the scarecrow

The parents and grandparents came out to the party for a little while. I’m glad they did since their creativity is a big part of the reason I’ve always loved Halloween. Mom always made us great costumes. To make her costume, she sewed patches and dried corn leaves (yes, the same kind you use to make tamales) on her jeans, shirt and straw hat. She’s dressed as a scarecrow before as have others in our family.

Nacho Libre & Ramses

Alexis and Adrian dressed up as Nacho Libre and Ramses. I believe the capes were homemade. Adrian borrowed some of the props from my Chicana de Oro luchadora costume, he bought other elements or got help from my mom (e.g., the shoe covers and wrist cuffs).

Dad donned a monk's robe

Dad dressed up as one of the brothers from Nacho’s seminary. I think with the non-styled hair he really got the look down.

Nick Fury and la Chapulina Colorada

Sean’s costume confused a lot of people, save for the people who read comic books or watch superhero movies. All he needed to become Nick Fury was an eye patch and a turtleneck. I was el Chapulín Colorado (or la Chapulina Colorada).

Junior and Vanny

Junior’s costume was inspired by a video game, but I thought he was someone from Predator. Vanny was a cute, but not-so-great mime.

Eric's zombie makeup won him scariest costume

I’m not sure what Eric was supposed to be. I think he was a sleepless zombie which makes a lot of sense since he’s got 6-week old and 18-month old sons at home. Eric won the prize for scariest costume.

Rene as Kermit the Frog

Rene always has great homemade costumes. This year was no different. Kermit the Frog won the prize for most creative costume.

Tío Chuy and tía Luisa as Greek gods

My tío Chuy and tía Luisa were elegant Greek gods. The fancy beer mug came from Ernie in Germany (we miss you, cousin!). If there was an award for best couple’s costume, they would have given stiff competition to Adrian and Alexis’ Nacho Libre-inspired luchadores.

Ingrid and Tony

Tony and Ingrid dressed up as Wolverine and a gangster moll. Tony’s Wolverine costume was in the running for the most creative. Tony helped with the decorations. He made most of the gravestones and set up the tent to provide some cover.

Los viejitos

Papá Chepe and tío Pancho dresses as los viejitos. I think my 91-year old grandpa has aged more gracefully.

Cowboy and Genie

Danny and Cynthia were supposed to do a western-themed couples costume, but she forgot. Oh well, they still looked great. Also, Danny was super happy that USC lost to Stanford earlier that evening.

Valerie as Pocahontas and Lori as some kind of military girl (her costume says Marines, but they were blue).

Diablita & Chapulín

Tía Josie was a little devil.

Most creative costume nominees

Rene's Kermit the Frog costume won for most creative

Around midnight Nancy stopped the music so we could vote on the most creative costume. The other two awards were not up to a vote. Rene’s Kermit beat out Richard Harrow from Boardwalk Empire, Tony/Wolverine, Adrian/Ramses, and Nicki Minaj in drag.

Thanks once again to Nancy and the rest of the Ureño family for hosting a great party.


One thought on “Halloween with the family

  1. I really missed not going to any halloween parties this year, but I’m just too freaking lazy these days. I always love seeing people’s costumes and uh, drinking beer doesn’t hurt either.

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