Halloween on a budget: La Dama from Lotería

La Dama (from Lotería) Costume

LA DAMA: La dama puliendo el paso, por todo la calle real.
The Lady: The lady, taking an elegant walk along the main street.

It’s a shame that I’ve been doing the costume series since 2007, but this is the first time I’ve bothered to put together a Lotería inspired costume. It’s not for lack of trying. Some of the cards featuring people have been on my idea list for a while, but it was easier to write about other costumes.

I found this teal dress last month when I went shopping for my birthday party dress. Although I thought it might be too fancy for the party, I bought it anyway because it was on sale and I liked the flattering cut. As I checked it out in the dressing room mirror, it also reminded me of La Dama (#3) from Lotería, the sophisticated and elegant lady in her tailored blue/teal suit, pink accessories and perfectly coifed hair.

I tried my best to recreate it.

La Dama costume

La Dama:

1. Teal or light blue suit or dress. If you wear a suit, wear a pink blouse and small white scarf/bow at the neck. Since I wore a dress instead, I added pink up top with a scarf.

2. Pink hat. La Dama’s hat looks sort of like a beret, but I went with what I could find in Forever 21, a simple knit cap.

3. White gloves. I found a nylon pair for $7.

4. Pink shoes and clutch. I didn’t have a clutch, so I used what I had available. I bought it at Ross years ago.

5. A small bunch of flowers

6. Conservative makeup and curled up hair. Obviously, I didn’t do the latter. I don’t even own a curling iron.

dama catrin

If you would like to make a Lotería couples costume, get your significant other or a friend to dress up as El Catrín. I’m sure few people keep long coat tuxedos hanging around in their closet, so that will probably need to be rented. Don’t forget the monocle and cigarette — in a cigarette holder, of course.

Thanks to Sean for the Photoshop help.


6 thoughts on “Halloween on a budget: La Dama from Lotería

  1. diana says:

    this one is one of my favorites! I’m thinking of trying the Dora costume. If I can get everything together, I’ll send over a picture.

  2. Julie: Don’t worry. I am not that kind of blogger.

    Diana: I was trying to think of something that would be recognizable for kids. Usually my teachers in elementary school kept it simple.

    Zenaida: Thank you.

    Elena: Glad you like it.

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