Halloween on a budget: Maggie the Mechanic


I started reading Love & Rockets in the summer of 2009. And then I stopped. I was a bit confused by the early sci-fi influenced. I put the books down until later that year when Sean gave me the first three trades as a Christmas gift.

Many faces of Maggie

I went through the three trades faster than he expected and soon I was reading the Locas II collection.
I was drawn in to Maggie and Hopey’s world of Hoppers and beyond. Jaime Hernández’s stories, which spanned 25+ yeas, were artfully told and drawn. Plus, the people are just beautiful and have an awesome sense of style.

Maggie the Mechanic

For the Maggie the Mechanic costume, I’m focusing on young Maggie. She’s always had a talent for working with machines. In the initial stories, she apprenticed for famous pro-solar mechanic Rand Race, rode a hover scooter and had some crazy adventures in the jungles.

Maggie the Mechanic

Maggie the Mechanic Costume

1. Skinny jeans and a tank top (or classic mechanics shirt, bonus if you get a Maggie name patch). Note: the costume can be done a lot sexier as seen above where Maggie is a mechanic in a bikini and kneepads.

2. Hair in a pixie cut style, spiked up

3. Goggles or a head band

4. Loose fitting jacket (optional)

5. Lace up boots

6. Tool belt, tools and tool box (the box is optional, but could work as a purse)

7. Loop and cross earrings

8. Work gloves

9. Some curves. Maggie has always been portrayed as curvy, even as she gains weight in later years. If you have a shapely butt, good for you. If not, get some good jeans that make your butt look good and start doing some squats and lunges.

Costume bonus: You can save it for Comic Con.


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