Ready or not…

Ready or not...

I just spoke to my dad. He, my mom and grandparents will be getting ready for Mass and in church during the first few hours of the marathon. Hopefully this will supplement all their prayers. I need them.

You can see how I do and if those prayers make a difference by tracking me. Sean is running the half. His bib number is 6119.


If I was on the sidelines in Chicago, I'd hold this sign

My friend Adriana (poorlittletumbleweed) will be running the Chicago Marathon. I met her years ago through blogging shortly after she ran the Chicago Marathon the first time to raise money for AIDS research (I think). This time she’s running for a hospital.

Of course, I can’t be in Chicago to cheer her on, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make some signs.

Chicago Marathon sign for Adriana/poorlittletumbleweed

¡Suerte, Adriana! Hope you get a nice tailwind and some cooler than predicted temperatures.


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