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September summarized

September was a good month.

Labor Day weekend

Where the magic happens

Sean and I traveled to Napa/Sonoma for a wedding. We spent the rest of Labor Day weekend hanging out friends in San Francisco and Berkeley before going back to work.

Long Beach Marathon training

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11

I got in to the dreaded peak weeks of marathon training and knocked out an 18 mile run followed by a 20 miler and a 21.5 miler. They were tough and the new aches in my knee and hamstring reflected it. I got a new pair of my trusty Brooks Adrenaline (in purple, of course).

Getting some culture

We saw the National at the Hollywood Bowl. They put on a great show (setlist and review at the LA Weekly). Sean and I were reminded once again that we really need to put together our Hollywood Bowl concert bingo. It’ll be ready for the 2012 season. Sharon van Etten and Neko Case opened for the National. (Not the National in the photo.)

A few days after the National concert, we saw “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity” at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood. We saw the show off Broadway last year and had a moment to chat with playwright Kristoffer Diaz then. I’ve known Kris (via the internets) for about 7 years now and it’s neat to see his career take off. I remember when he was working on Chad Deity. The show was equally enjoyable the second time around even though our seats were up in the mezzanine rather than a few rows in front of the stage. The production was almost identical to the NY show and featured the same set design, actors (most of them) and director. Kris tweaked at least one line for the LA setting, but I wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t tweeted about it. It’s tough for me describe the show, but Kris can tell you in his own words.

We went to our last Hollywood Bowl show of the season: TV on the Radio, the Arctic Monkeys, Panda Bear, Warpaint and Smith Westerns (we missed them). It was a great show (see the <a href LA Weekly review. I’ve had Arctic Monkeys’ “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor” in my head since then.

Birthday celebrations

Adrian & friends

Adrian’s birthday was on the 17th, but we celebrated a few days before with a surprise BBQ at his girlfriend’s house. Alexis insisted we park our cars on a different street so we wouldn’t ruin the surprise. He had no clue we were hiding in the backyard. When Adrian came out, we yelled “surprised” and he was stunned. He responded, “you wasted the good surprise on me!” I wasn’t surprised that he quoted Big Daddy.

Ready to give myself a toothache-2

Two days later, my family hosted my 31st birthday party. That was a lot of fun, but also a lot work both before and after.

Alexis' birthday

The following week, Alexis (brother’s girlfriend) celebrated her birthday. We joined a big group for a late dinner and drinks. I’m not sure Alexis remembered much.

Starting fall quarter

We had way too much cake

Zero week (September 19-23) is always busy for me at Job1. I work with the rest of the staff to pull off our two main events that week, a chemistry diagnostic exam and a welcome reception. I’m used to it after 6+ years at Job1, but I still find it difficult when students get the results from the exam and I have to find a tactful way to advise them about their courses for fall. It’s not easy to tell someone you think they’re unprepared for a class they’ll need.

I’m working less hours at Job2, but the projects are picking up. It’s weird how that works out.


3 thoughts on “September summarized

  1. Whoa, your new shoes. So pretty.

    I’m a recently converted Brooks girl. I used to wear Mizunos, but I love the wide toe box and lower collar of the Brooks. I alternate with Sauconys, which are nice too but have felt rather narrow lately. I think my feet are actually getting bigger because of this marathon business.

  2. Fátima,
    Nope, we didn’t go wine tasting, but drank a lot of wine. The wedding was held at a winery and the wine was free flowing. It was a hot day, so drinking some chilled white wine was necessary to stay cool. Yup. It’s a good thing we took a cab!

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to buy the boring white/grey-ish running shoes with colored accents after owning a few pairs of these purple Brooks. I’ve run mainly in Mizunos for the past couple of years, but you’re right that the high collar is annoying. My ankles and shoes were bloody after running the LA Marathon in the rain thanks to the Mizunos. I think my feet have changed, but I don’t think they’ve gotten bigger.

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