A meme and some snark

One of the reasons Sean likes me is because I’m not that nice. I can be mean, sarcastic and snarky. I don’t think it comes across in my blog much because I’m pretty good at self-editing when it comes to writing. In person? A whole other story.

I’m letting my inner mean girl come out and entering Angry Runner’s health living blogger macro contest. Some other bloggers (Marie, Kaley) have already submitted some hilarious entries.

I tried my hand at some and went a little crazy…


16 thoughts on “A meme and some snark

  1. alfred says:

    I can haz oatmeal. jajaja. you are way snarkier on gchat than in person. maybe I’m used to your crassness

  2. Ha! I am guilty of No. 1. But at least I am not taking my post-run shots with three layers of makeup and the most flattering Myspace angle. I shoot sweat, snot, zits and all. Running! So glam.

    I do enjoy some healthy living blogs; that said, the ones that take shots of everything they eat every single day are one big snooze. How do those get so popular?

  3. -k- says:

    I had fun trying to imagine what blogs/forums inspired these. And agreed w/ above commenters- I don’t really buy emasculation as a concept in 2011, but the phrasing was grade-A snark.

  4. I enjoyed this more than anything else I have seen on the internet in oh, a week. Maybe that makes me a little bit evil. You, however, are genius. Bravo!!

  5. Hahahahahahahahahaha! I appreciate snark. My brother would say I’m the queen of it, but it’s only cause I had to hold my own against him & our older cousins!! Hah

  6. I speak snark.
    I’m not a bitch, I’m just honest. I can’t stand self portraits after runs! Yuck, gross. You look like you just had bad sex. Who wants to see that?

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