Above the fold


What do I have in common with Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Celia Cruz, Joan Baez, César Chávez, Rita Moreno and Dr. Severo Ochoa?

We’re all on the front page of the official National Hispanic Heritage Month website.

Everyone else is there because they’ve had distinguished careers and made some amazing contributions to science, music, film and social justice. I just asked my dad the right questions and got a great story about my Grandpa.

I still have time to make those contributions to, um, something. Does blogging count?

Thanks to El Chavo for the heads up about the website.


2 thoughts on “Above the fold

  1. That’s great news Cindy! Congrats! You do deserve to be there. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have this Latino bloguero/as community.

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