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31 running lessons

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At the end of July, I realized I’d completed a year of participating in the PostBourgie running challenge. I’d clocked 1,247 miles and learned a lot about myself and running. I’ll limit those lessons and realizations to 31.

1: 100 miles/month is a good and relatively easy base for me.

2: I can run a half marathon. And a marathon.

3: I’m a salty sweater.

4: I should not assume the pair walking toward me will move aside to let me run past them. If I’m approaching walkers, calling out “on your left” is more effective than saying “excuse me.” Half the time, the walker(s) still get startled.

5: Drivers making right hand turns out of driveways or intersections probably don’t see me as they’re too busy looking left for a chance to get in to traffic. Proceed with caution.

6: Cars >>>>> pedestrians, runners, bikers. Always. Safety first.

7: Some running gear is rather dorky looking, but I’ll use it/wear it if it helps keeps me safe or hydrated and fueled for long runs (e.g., reflective wrist bands, hydration belt).

8: Without fail, I’ll feel great after doing a run I grumbled about and didn’t want to do an hour earlier.

9: With the except of long runs over 1.5 hours, I prefer running in the evening. My best runs usually begin after six when the sun is already going down.

10: Running home is a great way to cut down on commuting costs.

11: It’s best to stand, catch my breath, take a quick drink and stretch if needed when waiting for the light to change at an intersection. Bouncing from one foot to the other just makes me look silly.

12: Running in the rain is not that bad and doesn’t slow me down. The chafing is a different story.

13: A cold is no excuse to skip a run.

14: Track sessions and speed work/tempo runs are not as bad as they sound.

15: Chafing really sucks and happens in places you didn’t even think would chafe. Apply vaseline or BodyGlide accordingly.

16: Unless I’m doing speed work, I don’t need to stretch before a run. (I do start easy to let my muscles warm up.) However, I always have to do a short cool down and post-run stretch.

17: Ice baths sound like torture, but they are crucial for recovery after the really long runs. If I have a magazine to read, they’re not so bad.

18: I’d rather “stick” than foam roll.

19: Donating blood in the middle of marathon training was a bad idea. My body took a couple of months to recover after that.

20: Running with friends and in groups is great motivation for picking up the pace.

21: SRLA and the students, teachers, volunteers associated with the program are awesome.

22: Participating in tiny local races and placing in my age group with a 54 minute 10K is a great ego boost.

23: LA weather is perfect for running any time of the year (except race days).

24: My neighborhood and area are great for running and walking. I have a mix of pretty safe flat roads and rolling hills. I also don’t have to deal with catcalls or worse harassment as other women I know do.

25: My head might be too small for most athletic headbands.

26: Champion running/workout gear sold at Target is a great bargain. I have little need for pricier gear… except socks and shoes.

27: I can run about 20 miles with bloody ankles and survive.

28: No matter the SPF on the sunblock, I’ll still come back from a run with a cool new running tan.

29: If it’s sunny and over 70 degrees, my performance will suffer. I don’t beat myself up about it anymore.

30: GPS enabled running watches are a great invention. I really missed mine when I couldn’t use it for a week.

31: Cold chocolate milk is a great motivator to complete a tough run.


3 thoughts on “31 running lessons

  1. trucks_here says:

    #8 — yes! If I’m not feeling up for it, I’ll still at least go to the park and give it a try. More often than not I’ll feel better after. Only on rare occassions will I decide it’s just not working, and then I just turn around.

    #26 — yeah! Target’s Champion gear is great! and can’t beat the price. As for shoes, I’m probably at three pairs a year, and whenever I’m in a pair I end up really really liking, I’ll go get a second pair, because the new model could always change stuff around.

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