Nineteenth of July

Sometimes I forget when something happened. With flickr, photo time stamps and my blog, it makes it easier to remember what I was doing around this time several summers ago. Sadly, I don’t have a photo from every July 19th since 2005, but I think 5/6 is good enough.

Go Lakers!

I met Magic Johnson in the Student Activities Center at UCLA.

No photos from this day. I was likely traveling to San Francisco for a meeting. I did a lot of that that summer.

Red Mango

I think the frozen yogurt craze really took hold this spring/summer. I’m not a big fan, but I accompanied a friend for a cup at Red Mango in Westwood.


My cousin Frank and his wife hosted a graduation/birthday party for his brother, David. I got a photo with my handsome cousin, Robert, who at that time I didn’t seen much.

Oiyan insists on representing Boston in LA.

I met up with Oiyan and several other people from the Ed School for a Dodger game. I don’t usually go to day games, but we sat in the shade.

Dodger girls

Another Dodger game. I got free tickets from my cousin (I think). I took my sister, my roommate and his friend. The roommate accidentally spilled beer in my backseat while we were illegally tailgating. I think he was more upset about the wasted beer than I was about the mess/smell.

Training plan

I didn’t meet any celebrities or attend a Dodger game. I did have yogurt (not frozen). After an uneventful work day, I went for a short, easy run. I made dinner (baked tilapia, rice and steamed broccoli and carrots) for two. I’m standing next to my colorful Long Beach Marathon training plan. I’m in the 7th week of the 18-week plan. Now Sean and I are re-watching the pilot of Friday Night Lights via NetFlix instant watch.


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