Rest day on National Running Day

I run... so I can wear mismatching outfits Rather than celebrate National Running Day on June 1st by doing the obvious, I took a rest day. I needed it after cramming in 46 miles in the last 9 days of the month in order to meet the 100-mile goal I’d set as part of the PostBourgie running challenge. I didn’t think it’d be so tough to get those 100 miles this month. I’ve been doing 100+ miles every month since September (excluding November). This month, I barely squeaked by. Over the long weekend, I started my runs late in the evening after spending time at the park or beach. On Tuesday, I worked late and didn’t start my final 6.5 mile run after 9. Luckily, Sean waited for me and we got in our final miles at the 11th hour. The rest — and enchiladas, wine and tiramisu — were well deserved. Plus, rest is an important part of any fitness regimen.

I’m taking it easy in June before beginning another round of marathon training. I switched from the Long Beach half marathon to the full. Hopefully I’ll get perfect running weather like last year.

As for why I run? Initially, it was to get some exercise and aid in my weight loss efforts. I’m not trying to lose weight anymore. Now, running is about setting new goals, pushing myself, trying to improve and just getting out and exploring my neighborhood and city. It’s also been an opportunity to meet new people and strengthen other relationships.

I went through a period last year when I mysteriously threw out my back. I couldn’t run for 10 days and was miserable. It wasn’t until I had forced timed out that I finally realized how much I loved running. That feeling has only intensified over the year. I run because I need to. I’m hooked.


3 thoughts on “Rest day on National Running Day

  1. Back in January, I started running again — and it sure does feel good. For me, podcasts have been key. I dig the orange shirt and the magenta shorts. I don’t know if I will ever venture into marathon territory again. Once upon a time, I trained for one and got up to the 18 mile run. It was just too time consuming for me.

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