100 things… updated

Cindylu and Her Birthday

I went through my 100 facts and realized some of the facts are no longer relevant or just plain false.

3. I don’t drink coffee.
As I write this, I’m sipping on an iced coffee. I haven’t developed a daily habit, but I enjoy coffee maybe once or twice a week. I blame a friend for making my first really delicious cup of coffee a few years ago. It changed my life. [Photo of my favorite teacup by Oso.]

6. I rarely drink soda.
A couple of years ago, I developed a taste for Diet Coke. It’s the caffeine and aspartame. Yummy.

8. I eat Altoids Tangerine Sours like candy.
I haven’t had these in a while.

11. My favorite types of apples are Golden Delicious #4120.
I’ve switched to organic Gala apples.

12. I have a complex about being too pale.
I get a lot of sun these days (yay, vitamin D) and haven’t worried about being pale in a while. I worry more about the funny tan lines I get when I’m out running. It’s hard to celebrate a spring of no pants when you have a tan line from your running pants mid-shin. Don’t worry, I wear sunblock.

15. I’ve seen Café Tacuba live 10 times.
Make that 13. I had pit tickets for their shows at the Greek Theater (August ’08) and Universal Amphitheater (June ’09), which was part of the 20:20 tour. I won tickets via The Scenestar for another show in November ’09 at the Fox Theater in Pomona. I haven’t seen them since. That needs to change.

20. I finished paying off my car in September [2007]. I thought that was cool.
I might have jinxed myself with that. The next fall, I was in a car accident. My car was totaled. I was fine save for some minor scars from my seat belt and airbag. I bought a new car with the insurance money and with it came a new car payment. I like my new-ish car, a Mazda 3, but I miss some key details from the Stratus (auto locking and unlocking doors!).

21. I still sleep in a twin bed (my room is kinda small).
I switched rooms in my apartment last year and moved in to the largest room. I also bought a new queen bed.

27. I’ve only said “I love you” once in a relationship.
Not true anymore either.

58. I’ve been in three car accidents. One involved a professional cheerleader and a red light. I didn’t cause that accident.
Make that four. See #20. I didn’t cause the accident in November ’08, but it was definitely the scariest and had me shaken up for a while. I’m still thankful I was one mile away from family’s home when it happened as they, and my cousin who is an LAPD officer, were on the scene in minutes.

64. I don’t cook.
This was probably one of the reasons I was overweight. I ate out too much. I learned to cook and I’m not so horrible at it. [Photo by Sean.]

69. I think I was most attractive when I was 22/23 years old.
I was cute then, but I’m pretty happy with my appearance in my late 20s, early 30s.

Camera Shootout

70. That was before I started getting a lot of canas (gray hair).
I don’t mind the canas so much anymore. They look like natural highlights, especially since it’s been 6 months since the last time I dyed my hair. [Photo by Sean.]

83. I made one of these lists a few years ago and posted it on the super-secret blog. A lot of the facts are no longer relevant.
It’s funny how quickly things change.

93. It’s impossible for me to lie to my roommate, Isa.
Still true, but Isa is no longer my roommate. I see her much less these days but we’re still close and she can still read me like few other people.

100. I generally feel weird when I don’t have a crush.
I don’t crush at all anymore. Nope. I’m betrothed and stuff.


4 thoughts on “100 things… updated

  1. Lists are so great! It’s almost like you can go back and re-visit where you were at that point in time, and reflect on the changes positive/negative that have occurred since then.
    Great post as always!

  2. The picture accompanying #64 makes me wish I was at my Nana’s house eating her beans, rice and potato taquitos -which she makes especially for me since I’ve gone vegetarian. Yum! That’s great you have learned how to cook!

  3. Laura:
    I have the last 10 years pretty well documented. The last 7ish even better because I had a digital camera.

    I used to say that I’d become a vegetarian if I could have tacos de papa all the time. I make them just like my mom. I don’t roll them, but fold them and add a simple tomato/vinegar/oregano salsa. It’s such an easy/inexpensive food to make (what my mom calls “poor people’s food”).

  4. Love this — it’s so neat to be able to track how you have changed. That’s what makes diaries (or blogs!) so great.

    4 car accidents!?! Let’s keep it there — no more for you. I think I’d be terrified of driving if I was you.

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