Passed on pranks

I’ve never been in to April Fools’ Day. I’m a really bad liar. My face always gives it away or I’ll start laughing. If I want to pull of a prank, it has to be written. I pulled off a semi-convincing prank 6 years ago, but never did anything like that again. Pranks take creativity, planning and time. I tend to procrastinate and this year was no different.

I was pretty busy on Friday with job1, job2, helping Sean move and then getting to a Dodger game in the evening. I thought of a couple joke posts, but didn’t have time to write anything until after the game. Afterward, I just posted to Twitter and Facebook.

My tweet: At the store at Dodger Stadium. Looking to buy a pink* cap. (This is my April Fools tweet.)

After the fireworks show, I posted this to FB:
Since I’ll be marrying Sean, I’ve decided to adopt his team. I’m now a Yankees fan. Goodbye Dodger blue, hello pinstripes.

I later updated my profile picture with the photo above, but I’m pretty sure no one was convinced.

As for the failed posts, I thought about announcing the creation of a new blog.

31 percent
A new blog focused on living a healthy lifestyle from a Chicana’s viewpoint. It’ll be called 31 Percent in reference to the percent of weight I lost. The new blog will be modeled on A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss and feature posts on my own weight loss story (which I rarely wrote about as I went through it), exercise and workout ideas (with a focus on running, duh), daily meals with photos, recipes, and tips for staying motivated to reach your goals.

JaMexican Wedding
Sean and I will collaborate on a wedding planning blog. We’ve both begun poking around wedding planning blogs and planning sites. They’re not too helpful since the writers’ idea of a large wedding would probably only include my family. With the rise in intermarriage rates, we also thought we’d documented the trials and tribulations of trying to incorporate two cultural traditions, hence the name, a combination of Jamaican and Mexican.

Sean talked me out of JaMexican Wedding because he said some of my readers might want to read about this and would be disappointed to find out it was a joke. Then I’d feel compelled to write wedding planning posts. As for 31 Percent, I find keeping food diaries a chore (though helpful). Taking photos of every single meal would be worse.

I’m not a fan of pink athletic or workout gear, especially when it’s replacing a team’s actual colors. Actually, I’m not much of a fan of pink in general.


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