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The reactions

A few years ago, I had a conversation with Alex about how one should spread the news about an engagement. I’m unsure if he had already asked his girlfriend to marry him. It was definitely before the Facebook engagement to Sean. Either way, we agreed that some people should not find out about life changing events like engagements or pregnancies via FB. I kept this in mind last week.

On Monday night after Sean proposed, I kept the news to my parents and siblings (except Adrian, he has an early bed time), a couple of my closest friends and roommates. Sean only called his best friend as everyone else was already asleep on the east coast. Neither one of us mentioned anything on FB or Twitter.

I spoke to Adrian as soon as I woke up on Tuesday morning. I told him the story I’d repeat several more times as I called other family members and more of my closest friends. I was often initially congratulated and asked about the marathon. The transition to the engagement was a little awkward, but all that faded away as soon as I broke the news and got some incredulous, but very happy responses.

Sean shared the news his friends on the east coast. Before I got out of bed, I had a half dozen posts on my FB offering vague congratulations.

I proceeded to email and send FB messages to cousins, aunts and uncles. Afterward, I posted on Twitter, FB and the blog. Sean did the same. I would have loved to wait to share until another mini family reunion, but containing the news was almost impossible. The nice thing about using email, FB and Twitter is that all those reactions are saved to more than just my memory.

I went through the reactions again this evening. It was a good antidote to the stress I felt Sunday night as Sean and I talked about a timeline — next fall sounds good, at least right now — and began checking out overwhelming wedding planning blogs and websites. I’ve posted some of the reactions from family and friends below. I’ll come back to it as I plan and stress to remind me that they’re not people on a guest list, just another plate at dinner or dot on a seating chart. They’re people who love and care for me and Sean and I’m blessed to have them in my life.

A selection of reactions (in quotes were spoken, remembered as best as possible)

Mom: “Proposed what?”

Dad: “So soon?”

Danny: “Congratulations!” (That was the first thing he said to me when I called him, but he was talking about the marathon.)

Lori: STFU! (to Sean via text when he admitted why he needed her help getting my dad alone)

Adrian: How did he ask?

Sean’s mom/FMIL: “I’ll finally might live to see grandchildren.”

Kenton (Sean’s brother): “Now you can give her [mom] some grandkids and she can get off my back.”

Tío Pancho: “¡Ay, hijo de la…!” (said excitedly)

Tía Martha: “Welcome him to the family”

Tía Patty: Word of advice, college education does not prepare you for marriage. You are well educated and you know your stuff. However in marriage, it is alot of work, kindness, patience and forgiveness

Valerie: “No way!!!”

Nancy: “Are you kidding?”

Vanessa: ive read this story a couple times now….it just makes me smile every time 😀 Congrats again! I love you

Ernie: Wow! I’m so happy for you cousin… for both of you. My favorite part of your story was “‘you have to ask me…’ i said. i wanted to hear the words.” That’s awesome. Man, you’ll probably be the third cousin wedding that I’m going to miss… being in Germany for the next three years.

Rene: hope I’m invited to the wedding

Tía Chanita: Felicidades!!!!! A los dos y a ti hija te deceo que seas muy muy feliz pues eres muy buena persona y te mereces lo mejor el sabra cuidarte y amarte, Dios los bendiga y quieranse mucho siempre.

Jesus: Holy crap! Wow!!! Sean is the man!!! Hahaha! Congrats to you both! Yay Cindy!!! That’s awesome news cousin!

Christine: Amazzzzziiiinnnggg!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

Luis: Congratulations Cindy!! Both on running your marathon and your engagement! More so your engagement!

Fabiola: Felicidades primaaaaaaaa!!!! te iré a cantar a LA!!! =D

Julio: Congratulations prima! Put me down as one of the padrinos de Mariachis.

Victor: Tell your fiancé (does it have a nice ring too it?lol) I liked how he proposed. As a married man who had to find a clever way to do it. I sympathize with him & the pressure of finding a memorable & unique way to do it. It’s a story you’ll tell many times for many years for come. Bravo to Sean.

Oso: I’m gonna pout if I don’t get a wedding invitation.

Marlene: Will you be wearing your running shoes to the marathon? [I think she meant wedding.]

Vidalia: I thought you guys were already engaged? I’m so confused.

Alfred: Looking forward to the tacos and other good stuff people have at
engagement parties

Lauren: this just made a thug cry (in reference to Sean’s side of the story)

Patrice: please no bloody ankles down the aisle

Gustavo: AND le pidio tu mano a your parents? Wow, even this old cynic is impressed!

D’Gregory: congrats. i just found out! lol now that’s a grand prize after runnin’ a marathon!

Gerry: and in a Dodger shirt!!!!


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