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Question of the week: The playlist

This is what I’ll be listening to Sunday morning as I run through LA. Well, some of it as the whole playlist is 9.6 hours long and I will not be running that long. I likely won’t have my earbuds in the whole way through in order to really take in the experience, hear the crowds, and absorb other runner’s energy.

There’s no theme to the playlist. I’ve been using the same ~140 songs or so since the 18 mile Friendship Run six weeks ago. There are some running-related songs, some that make me feel like a bad ass, some that make me happy, and some that just make me want to move and dance. It’s been a good motivator for the 20+ mile long runs. (I actually start off with some podcasts for the first few miles as I warm up, but left them off this time.) I added some upbeat songs from my LA-centric playlist for obvious reasons.

La Pregunta: What would you add? Any LA-centric or running songs you love?


3 thoughts on “Question of the week: The playlist

  1. Great mix! I had a lot of the same songs on my 1/2 marathon playlist. I also like how you have an LA them going. I guess the only thing I could possibly suggest is if you like to go faster than you want out the gate, start your playlist with more chill songs and not go get em’ songs. The up tempo songs are great for mid-run when you feel like you’re lagging.
    Anyways, good luck fellow Chicana runner!

  2. Gidget says:

    Enjoy the run! When I did LA, I always finished my runs with “Come a Long Way” by Michelle Shocked.

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