Seeing signs

Sign Making

If I wasn’t running the LA Marathon, I’d drag myself out of bed early Sunday morning and head to the part of the course nearest to me. That would be somewhere in Beverly Hills (mile 16-17). I’d likely lose my voice yelling out for the runners, “Go, [random name spotted on a bib]!”

And I’d hold up a sign. I’m not sure what would be on it. I’d probably stay away from toenail jokes as they’re pretty common (but that sign above was popular in NY).

I’d probably pick something from below:

¡Sí se puede!
Short, simple and reflecting the bilingual nature of this city. I held this sign while cheering for Lori at the Surf City Half Marathon and lots of people, Latino and non, liked it.

RAWR! (Dinosaur for “run fast!”)
Something silly. It would work best with a drawing of a dinosaur.

¡Echále ganas!
Another Spanish one meaning, loosely, “give it your all!”

Dale, dale, dale / No pierdas el ritmo
This little diddy is used when kids are hitting piñatas. I think it could be applied to running. Translation: hit it, hit it, hit it/don’t lose the rhythm.

Kick some asphalt!
A little pun never hurt anyone.

The beach is that way —>
Of course, I’d have to make sure I put the arrow facing west.

Nice legs!
With all that running, they do tone up nicely.

Just keep running
This one would work best with a picture of Dori from Finding Nemo. I like her mantra, “Just keep swimming”

4+ hours to get from the Stadium to the sea? Wow, LA traffic is BAD!
Might be a little long, for a sign, but I had to find a way to make a dig at LA’s traffic and congestion issues.

Finish line = tacos!
You could substitute tacos for other goodies like cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, beer, cheeseburger, In-N-Out, champagne, wine, etc.

Run like the Tarahumara
Well, not in the deserts of Chihuahua and not in huaraches. But, still fast, strong and for long distances.

I hope LA spectators amuse me and my fellow runners with some clever signs.


2 thoughts on “Seeing signs

  1. Diana A. says:

    You thought of everything! I’m making signs tomorrow and laminating them at school, to try and protect them from the rain.

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