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Nine for November

In November, I flew a lot. Ran much fewer miles than previous months (76), but ran them a bit faster. I spent some fun weekends with Sean and the family and didn’t write enough. That’s not new.

I fulfilled two aspects of my civic duty. I voted and I had jury duty. Actually, I just called in for jury duty. I postponed it a week to November 22nd and never even had to go in. I wasn’t on a trial like last time, but it still counts!

I went to New York and spent some quality time with Sean. My trip coincided with the ING New York City Marathon. Sean knew several people running and I knew a couple (hi, GD!). The marathon route passed a convenient half block from Sean’s Harlem apartment. We watched the elite runners and then bought poster board to make signs for friends or to make random runners laugh. My hands froze holding signs out there, but I enjoyed cheering for friends and random runners like all the runners wearing Mexican running jerseys. I cheered extra loud for them. The next day, I ran part of the route (backwards) dressed like a ninja to stay warm. I got chills as I passed through the finish line in Central Park.

I went shopping in Huntington Park with the siblings. In an alley just off Pacific Ave, I found some neat murals of Abuelita (sí, la del chocolate), Cantinflas, Pope John Paul II, Vicente Fernández, Iztaccíhuatl y Popocatépetl, and la Virgen de Guadalupe. Food, music, religion, romanticized indigenous roots y payasadas sums up Mexican identity nicely, I think.

I watched Manny Pacquiao pummel Antonio Margarito’s face at my aunt’s house. While there, I held Minel, my cousin Tony’s second son (he’s his brother’s mini-me), for all of 30 seconds before he spit up on my new jeans.

I got on another plane and went to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the second time this year. I collected data for Job2 with my co-workers. We interviewed some science faculty and a few dozen students about introductory science classes. This time around, I had no doubt LA was the best place for me for grad school. Michigan was rainy with highs in the 40s. LA was 70 degrees when I left.

I made a paper plane on a plane and was quite proud of it. The Southwest Airlines in flight magazine had directions to make this F-16. I still haven’t taken it apart and spent that dollar.

I got dressed up to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt 1 at midnight with Sean, Adrian and Tabitha. I’m pretty sure we would have all enjoyed the film more if we weren’t on east coast time (me and Sean) and tired from work at 3 a.m. (Adrian). I’ll definitely be re-watching it when I’m not so tired.

I went to a Rebecka’s first birthday party. I met her last year, just a few days after she was born. Her dad, Cain, is my brother’s long time best friend and an adopted little brother. (That’s not her mom in the photo.) It’s been fun to see her grow. That evening, Sean and I went to Tabitha’s going away party. We ate a lot of cake that weekend.

I celebrated Thanksgiving the traditional way with a delicious diner at Padrinos José and Chilo’s home in East LA. After dinner the cousins typically play board games or mafia. This year, we played True Colors. I was really bad at it. Also, Adrian made fun of my magenta tights.


5 thoughts on “Nine for November

  1. so much to love in this picture. the picture of you and sean. the fact the i voted sticker is in multiple languages (not so here in ohio). the great picture of the family on the bed…LOVE IT!

  2. All pictures are cool! I especially liked:

    One – I voted too!
    Two – Who Needs Toenails?
    Three – Loved this Mural! I must go check it out soon. So it’s in Huntington Park, on Pacific and what?
    Six – Great Airplane Model.
    Nine – Cool shot of you and your Primos. =D

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