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Adrian at 25

Some say four is a sacred number. There are four directions. Four elements. Four Beatles. And four Mosqueda kids.

Sure, we were a few good looking kids when we were three, but we really needed Adrian to complete the set. And honestly, make us that much cooler.

Today marks Adrian’s 25th birthday. He’s gone from being a fat baby to being a smart, caring, funny and handsome young man.

I wanted to write something sappy about my love for my little brother, but that wouldn’t be big sister-like. Instead I’ll share some of my favorite photos of him and some fun facts.

Adrian was a fat baby. He wasn’t born fat, but gained weight quickly eating nothing but mother’s milk. My family loved this and he quickly earned the nickname Chonchis and the Fridge (after Chicago Bears lineman William Perry).

If Adrian and I were actually born on our due dates, our birthdays would be a day apart. Growing up, we frequently celebrated our birthdays together. I don’t think Adrian was too happy about that.

Adrian grew out of the Chonchis stage and nickname by the time he was a toddler. Instead he was known as Mi Niño Brown.

And Pancho Villa. I wonder why.

Adrian started playing drums in high school marching band. He played in a band (Final Chapter) as well as the youth choir at church. He still plays occasionally.

Since graduating high school, Adrian’s worked at UPS. He doesn’t usually wear this uniform, but that holiday season he picked up some extra hours as a driver’s helper.

We’re all a bit accident prone, but Adrian’s accidents show up the most. Just ask his old truck, Donkey. The photo above was what happened after Adrian jumped in at work to help the security guard fight off an attack from some drunk guys at a bowling alley. He needed 13 stitches. Poor kid.

He’s had asthma since he was a kid. That never stopped him from participating in sports (baseball and soccer) or scuba diving when we took a vacation to Cozumel a few years ago.

He loves to dance. Just ask Mamá Toni.

He owns a Snuggie. He says it’s good for when he plays video games. Right.

He doesn’t have a sweet tooth. He has a meat tooth.

He’s a little competitive when it comes to my mom’s attention. He claims he’s the favorite.

I’m his favorite sister. Yup.

Happy birthday, Chunk!


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