As heard on NPR…

I was in New York when I got the first call on Monday.

“This is Lily with StoryCorps. May I speak to Cindy Mosqueda?”

“It’s me.”

She went on to tell me that a small portion of the interview I recorded with my dad for StoryCorps back in February had been selected to possibly be aired on NPR’s Morning Edition. The portion was about my father discussing Grandpa’s hobby (if you can call it that) as a sobador in Boyle Heights.

I tried to play it cool. Really. But inside, I was excited and plain old geeked. Very few StoryCorps interviews are played on NPR.

Lily asked me several questions and did her fact-checking duty. Sean waited patiently as I answered the questions and explained what Grandpa’s workshop looked like.

“Do you remember your grandfather doing this?”

“Yes, of course.”

Lily’s call came a few days after I took my dad to a Dodger game. During the game, we once again talked about Grandpa’s affinity for the Dodgers. Dad said he never remembered him going to the game. He was too busy attending to his patients and Grandma’s needs.

Except for Sean, I kept the news quiet, as it still seemed up in the air and they needed to talk to my dad too.

On Wednesday, I got a second call from the producer, Nadia. She had a few more questions to round out the information about Grandpa. She also played the clip for me. It had been a while since I heard it and I cried.

A few minutes later I got a message from my dad. He admitted that when he agreed to do the interview (last minute too ’cause Alex needed to find someone to fill the opening-day spot for the East LA stop on the Historias tour) he never imagined that Grandpa’s legacy would be shared over national radio. “Pretty cool,” he added.

I only wish Grandpa and Grandma could hear it too.


My dad and I will be on NPR Morning Edition tomorrow at 5:20 am and 7:20 am. The web story is currently up (sans audio as of the time this was posted). I’ll be up early to listen!

Two corrections for the web story: my dad as 5 sisters (3 older, 2 younger) and 2 brothers; Grandpa passed away in 1996. Everything else is accurate.


11 thoughts on “As heard on NPR…

  1. Momo says:

    I heard it this morning on my way to work! When I heard your name, I thought “What? That’s my favorite blogista!” Then as I heard the story, I got a little teary-eyed because I remembered that my grandpa was also a sobador in the rancho where he lived. People would bring him fruit, eggs, or his favorite cigarettes in exchange for his services. Thanks for the memory; I had almost forgotten. Congrats!

  2. Veronica Ochoa says:

    WOW! how crazy it that. I have been reading your blog for a long time now. My abuelito is also a sobador and I was so excited when I first heard this on NPR. I had no idea it was you until I read your blog today. Congrats! this was a great story.

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