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Julieta Venegas & Ximena Sariñana at Club Nokia

I love Julieta Venegas, but my codo kept me from buying tickets to her show at Club Nokia. I hope that one of the music blogs would have a ticket give away. I entered a couple through La Banda Elástica and The Scenestar, but didn’t win. But my friend, Jake, did (and only because I posted a link about the Scenestar contest on Facebook). Unfortunately, his wife had a conflict with a graduation. That meant he needed to find another fan. That’s where I gladly step in.

I was excited for the show all day. Not only was I going to see Julieta, but Ximena Sariñana would be opening for her. I’d been following Ximena for a few years and really enjoyed her debut, Mediocre as well as her guest vocals with Volovan (“La Luna”) and Plastilina Mosh (“Pervert Pop Song”).

Ximena seemed genuinely excited to open up for Julieta and called herself a fan. She sang some of her new songs in English as well as “Monitor” over a loop. She closed off with the haunting “Mediocre”.

Half an hour later, Julieta came on stage accompanied by an 8-piece band. She wore a black tunic with some weird gathering that hid her baby bump and navy blue leggings. She looked a little eccentric but cute. She played guitar and keyboard — not accordion — for some of the songs. Most of the time she was singing and dancing, which the adoring crowd loved. She spoke in between the songs about some of the meaning behind them. She dedicated “Un Lugar” to all the migrants and those fighting against SB 1070. She told Mexicans to keep their heads up, “los Mexicanos tenemos mucho de ser orgulloso… Frida Kahlo, Pedro Infante, José Alfredo Jiménez. Vamos a salir adelante.” She dedicated “Revolución” to Soda Stereo frontman Gustavo Cerati, who underwent brain surgery on Wednesday to remove a blood clot. I was happy to see another Tijuanense, Ceci Bastida, reprise her role as part of Julieta’s band, albeit as a guest on a couple of songs.

Julieta Venegas’ setlist below.

Amores Platónicos
Limón y Sal
Bien o Mal
Algo Está Cambiando
Algun Día
Lento (on keyboard, no band)
Debajo de Mi Lengua
Un Lugar —
De Mis Pasos (con Ceci Bastida)
Sería Feliz
Me Voy
Eres Para Mi
El Presente (con Ceci Bastida)

Me Van a Matar
Andar Conmigo

Shout outs to some cool people I bumped into at the show: Isa, Jessie, Marcela and José.


3 thoughts on “Julieta Venegas & Ximena Sariñana at Club Nokia

  1. I haven’t heard Ximena, but I just added her to my queue, thanks for the post.

    I bet Julieta was incredible. I found out way too late that she was headed to dallas and by then tickets were sold out. Hopefully I’ll catch her next time. The tickets over here were pretty pricey too! =

  2. Oooh, I’m jealous! I want to see Ximena at Lilith Fair when it comes to Austin, but the “cheap” ticket prices are ridiculous.

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