Dad’s little life

Before our StoryCorps Historias’ session, I emailed my dad a list of questions and topics I wanted him to talk about. Once in the recording booth, I hardly referred to my questions and the topics I’d brainstormed earlier in the week. I just had to ask a couple of questions and dad did the rest. He can talk. Of course, I knew this.

We spent most of the 45 minuted interview talking about dad’s “little life,” or his childhood and youth. Dad touched on the joys of living on a dairy farm in Texas, playing stickball in the streets of East LA, how Grandpa truly touched people, and how he played Sabor A Mi during an assembly at Garfield High School. I originally planned to share parts of the interview here, but after listening to our discussion, I’ve decided I don’t want to edit it down.

I’ve uploaded the entire interview. You can listen to it or download it below:

Carlos’ “Little Life”

Since dad and I showed up on opening day for East LA we got a chance to talk to some media folks. Check out the LA Times story. Guess who was quoted.

And… many thanks to my friend Alex for being a great facilitator.


11 thoughts on “Dad’s little life

  1. Edgar Soriano says:

    I love your father’s story telling abilities. He has such a profound ability to captivate his audience. As for you Cindy, you are an inspiration to me and as a result you might have motivated me to interview my parents. I think it is tremendously urgent for all of us to listen to our parents upbringings so that we can parallel their lives with ours and carry on the traditions and of course, the stories. I look forward to enjoying your future projects. Say hello to your Dad, Mom, and the rest of the gang. Adios and Go Dodgers! Oh, and thanks to our parents involvement with The Marcianos; ultimatley, that is how we have come to know each other. Take care Cindy!

  2. R. says:

    This was so great Cindy. It reminded me a lot of the stories and anecdotes my mom has shared with me about her childhood and her family. Sometimes, knowing all those little details, I feel as if I could’ve been there. Very much the same feeling I got listening to your father’s stories.

    And btw, it was nice hearing your voice as well.

  3. Cindy, thanks so much for sharing your dad’s story, I was amazing to listen to and also sharing the Story Corps site. We may try to add my wife’s history at the Atlanta site.

  4. This was great Cindy. I feel like I know your Papi, like he’s someone that you want to just have a cup of coffee with and hear his stories. I’m confident that you will continue to archive these stories. Great work.

  5. Star Chacon says:

    Cindy Im so proud of you and I am also very honored to know your family and especially for knowing that I have had the pleasure to be a part of all of this especially our dancing years with your family thanks for sharing this it was amazing… and also Ivory really liked this interview of “Charlie Brown”

  6. Loved it. Is the Piedras Negras he mentions in Coahuila? Its the border town opposite Eagles Pass, Texas–that where we cross during family trips. My father’s town is about an hour away from Piedras Negras.

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