Chilaquiles at Homegirl Café

I love chilaquiles. They’re so simple yet so tasty.

A couple of years ago I started a project to review chilaquiles at local Mexican restaurants. I did one review and then let the project go, but continued to eat my fair share of chilaquiles. The problem with reviewing food is that a photo is necessary, but I often forget to stop and take a picture.

On Friday morning, I was patient… at least for a minute.

Homegirl Café

I finally got up early enough to try the tasty breakfast at Homegirl Café. Although I was craving chilaquiles, I almost chose the flor de calabaza omelette (only offered when in season). They had four (I think) different types of chilaquiles. I chose the chilaquiles made with a minty tomatillo salsa, a side of scrambled eggs and black beans. My friend chose enfrijoladas with a chipotle salsa.

The chilaquiles were tasty, but a tad on the cold side. I would have appreciated if they were spicier and if they were a little soggier. Although I usually don’t add crema or sour cream to my food, I think crema and onions would have been good toppings for the chilaquiles. The chilaquiles were topped with just the right amount of queso cotija. The beans and side of scrambled eggs were also delicious. Unlike my friend, I couldn’t finish all my food… I wanted to leave room for something from the bakery.

On the way out, I bought half a dozen highly addictive Mexican wedding cookies to take to my dissertation writing group meeting. The powdered sugar has to be laced with something.

The total for two at Homegirl Café was $20 and change. Next time I decide not to sleep in on a rainy Friday, I’ll sample something else from the breakfast menu.


3 thoughts on “Chilaquiles at Homegirl Café

  1. blue demon says:

    chilaquiles are my favorite food but I dunno. I mean, eating chilaquiles in a restaurant? I think the best chilaquiles are the ones that ones own mother makes at home.

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