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Colita de rana

I went out for a run after work today. It was my first run of the year. I felt good as I started off, went up the first hill and continued past the park. I felt good. I knew I’d be improving my time and even thought about extending my run despite the fact that I don’t like doing long runs in the dark.

Still, I ran up the hill, to the park, past the park to the golf course and then turned. As I ran on the sidewalk, I tripped slightly but caught my balance. I remember feeling lucky. It was close, and a fall would be bad. Actually, I was surprised that in half a year of running, I hadn’t tripped over my own feet given my recurring bouts of Cindyitis.

I must have jinxed myself. Three steps later, I tripped as I stepped off the sidewalk to cross the street. Once again, I caught my balance, but only temporarily. A second later, I was on the asphalt. My right elbow took the brunt of the impact.

A driver passing by slowed down.

He rolled down his window.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I replied as I stared at my scraped and dirty palms. Each one had small cuts already. I wanted to ask if he had a first aid kit in his car, but figured I was the only person accident prone enough to carry a kit.

“I think I’m just scraped up, but I’m okay.”

“Good,” he said and drove off.

I stepped to the sidewalk and inspected my injuries more closely in better light. I cleaned off my palms a little with a tissue in my pocket and then took off my windbreaker to see the damage to my aching elbow. It was scraped up and already swollen, but not bleeding.

“That’s going to be a bad bruise,” I said to myself, but felt thankful I’d chosen to wear the windbreaker even though it wasn’t too cold.

As I put my jacket back on, I felt like crying. My elbow hurt. I regretted not asking the driver for a ride. I was still about two miles from home.

But I didn’t cry. I walked a few steps, started my iPod again and then continued running — though more carefully — to Ely Guerra’s Júrame. It wasn’t as good as “Sana, sana colita de rana,” but it did the trick.


6 thoughts on “Colita de rana

  1. Edgar Soriano says:

    Cindy, hi!

    I love your style of writing. I can’t wait to read some more. More power to you, it sounds like you are meant for writing. Keep doing it. Hope life is good.

    Till next time


  2. César says:

    I tripped on my morning run today! I hadn’t done that EVER. And I’ve been running for years. I tore a hole on my new running tights and banged up my knee. But I got up and kept running too! I’m glad you kept running!

  3. silvia says:

    But you kept running, you didn’t give up and cried. Good for you! and thanks for tuning me back to Ely Guerra, i forget how much i like her music.

  4. frank says:

    “But I didn’t cry. I walked a few steps, started my iPod again and then continued running”


    Now you can brag about how tough you are 🙂

  5. Isn’t running great. After long absences, it still accepts you back with no recriminations, and you feel better for doing it. I’m sorry that you tripped, but you are young and (by your writing) seem to have a great capacity to absorb falls, find balance, and be better the next time you run. Run again, it will make the soreness go away. But you already know these things, just follow the wisdom within.

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