31 firsts for 2009

  1. Went to an NHL game (Red Wings vs Kings)
  2. Woke up early to watch a presidential inauguration (okay, this was the first inauguration I watched)
  3. Got a speeding ticket
  4. Joined a gym
  5. Cooked a pot of beans
  6. Saw Fabulosos Cadillacs live
  7. Took a daytrip to a winery with my mom and sister
  8. Won at the Black Jack tables in Las Vegas
  9. Got my first pair of Nikes (Cortez!)
  10. Played Brain Age on Nintendo DS
  11. Watched (most of) The Wire (’nuff said)
  12. Had catfish made by Alan’s mom
  13. Took a yoga class
  14. Learned why a 4-6-3 double play is called that
  15. Ran a 5K (and lots, lots more)
  16. Got a porcelain crown
  17. Went to the Hollywood Bowl for a classical music concert (twice!)
  18. Celebrated my birthday at Disneyland
  19. Went kayaking in Lake Casitas
  20. Went to a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium
  21. Spent an afternoon alone in Central Park (see photo)
  22. Ate sweet potato fries
  23. Saw the Dodgers hit a walk-off hit in the playoffs
  24. Had a glazed donut at Bob’s Donuts in San Francisco
  25. Was published in the NY Times blog
  26. Went to a NBA game (Pacers vs Clippers)
  27. Became friends with Jordan
  28. Made albóndiga soup (my mom approved!)
  29. Went to the opera (The Barber of Seville)
  30. Fit in to Lori’s pants
  31. Lost [redacted] pounds

4 thoughts on “31 firsts for 2009

  1. what a fine 2009!
    i didn’t know about your vegas success. that in concert with the new york times and the fact that you are a PHD student on top of all of this = you are a baller.

  2. stephanie says:

    #28 and #30 made me laugh! I had to have my mom approve of my albondigas too! And I want to fit into Lori’s pants!! I love your blog Cindy!!!!

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