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Christmas Past: Adoración del Niño Dios

Every Christmas Eve, Mamá Toni leads the family in a Rosario. At the end of the Rosario, we do the adoración del Niño Dios. The doll is always dressed nicely in a little outfit made by Mamá Toni.

Two children are chosen to be the padrinos and hold the baby Jesus doll as the rest of the family kisses the doll. Afterward, the doll is placed in his proper space at the center of the Nacimiento.

In the photo above, my cousin Patty holds the Niño Dios while Tony (her brother) gives him a peck and my tía Luisa waits in line. I think I was holding a second doll (we usually have two).


One thought on “Christmas Past: Adoración del Niño Dios

  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures of your Christmas past, Cindy. You are so lucky to be surrounded by so much family.
    My parents are also from Mexico, but were the only ones from their family to come over. So my brother and sister and I could only enjoy scenes such as the one you posted here when we would visit our grandparents, aunts and cousins in el DF. Beautiful traditions. Thanks for sharing and for reminding us of our own Christmas memories.

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